ADVICE WE LOVE | Top Self-Care Tips from Scout Guide Members

Over the past few weeks, as we’ve been focusing on keeping our communities, families, and ourselves healthy by following guidelines and staying at home, it’s becoming increasingly clear to us how important it is to develop routines and tactics that will help us stay mentally and emotionally strong.

We asked our Scout Guide members to share some tips and tricks that they are using to take care of themselves…

Jennifer with her partner Pam of Interiors by ConsignDr. Marlin Gill of ElaMar's self care tip is simpleFred & Leslie Ecklund Celebrate Life at The View at BurrittPaul Matheny (center) with his partners Marc Goldmon & Janna Collins of Matheny GoldmonLouisa DiLeone of Bloom Counseling

Dr. Marlin Gill, Elamar  MedSpa || Take Care of Your Hands and Face

With all of the hand washing we are all doing right now, one thing we don’t always think about is washing your hands each morning and night before washing your face and applying skincare products. Washing your hands with soap and water before you touch your face with them will help prevent anything on them from transferring to your face, including viruses, bacteria, dirt, etc. that can cause breakouts or your complexion to look dull, as well as preventing illness. 

Jennifer Mullins, Interiors by Consign || Keep a Schedule

We are trying to keep a normal schedule. Going to bed at the same time and getting up and going into the stores for a few hours or checking email and social messages from home each morning.  I’m personally still exercising and working out at home with workouts sent to me from my trainer from ACA. (T3training-Tim Tillman) I’m staying accountable by sending a screenshot to him of my Fitbit daily.  Feels good to have some schedule.  

Jennifer and her partner and friend for life own Interiors by Consign in South Huntsville and Madison. Want to read more about the dynamic duo? Visit our recent blog post – The Brakes and the Gas – Meet Interiors by Consign

Leslie Ecklund, CEO of Burritt || Meditation

Leslie Ecklund, CEO of Burritt on the Mountain, suggests meditation during this time. She has been practicing it daily and has found great peace and comfort. 

Leslie suggests trying an app called Insight Timer that is free and has thousands of meditation options. There is also an app that is free for the next several months called 10% Happier that has lots of good beginner information.

It is amazing how mindfulness and meditation can help calm and center you in the midst of this unprecedented fear and anxiety.

Paul Matheny-Matheny Goldmon AIA || Creativity and Movie Comfort

It’s a crazy time for Paul … running his architectural firm from home, moving, homeschooling his 4 kids with his wife Rachel, and like all of us, trying to keep centered and happy.

Paul is finding that he is really enjoying tapping into his creativity. He finds that isolation is the place to cultivate it. He has revisited an old 15 year old painting, bringing it new life by adding more paint and some wood details. 

Paul is also finding comfort in an old movie collection, DVDs, not even downloads. He loves anything from Writer/Director/Producer Cameron Crowe, Miller’s Crossing, and High Fidelity.

Louisa DiLeone-Bloom Counseling || Practice Gratitude

I have been working on taking time to notice and reflect upon the things I am grateful for, even if they are small. It’s a proven way to increase happiness in the moment! I’ve always been a big fan of writing thank you notes and find that sharing my appreciation for others strengthens my relationships and makes me feel good. I also stop to smell the flowers (literally!) on my daily walks to remind myself of how grateful I am for the beauty that is everywhere in our city.