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Huntsville people using local Apps to support local

At The Scout Guide Huntsville, we LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. If you are from Huntsville or just visiting our fair city, we love connecting you with local businesses, entertainment and community information. It’s the digital age after all and what could be more convenient than great Huntsville and Alabama apps at your fingertips on your phone?!

Here are nine of our favs…


1. Alabama PastPort

Looking for a weekend road trip destination in our fair state of Alabama? Mix it up with some history for nearly 300 historic sites in 67 counties! There is even a printed companion that you can stamp like a real passport from the Alabama Bicentennial Commission available here. This great app can get you there (and back again)!

2. Spaces and Places Sculpture Trail HSV

Take a walk on this artsy side with this app for public art and sculptures in Huntsville. This collaboration was developed by Arts Huntsville, Alabama A&M University, Huntsville Museum of Art, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment and UAH–and showcases almost 40 pieces of public art from 27 different artists.

3. Crush Wine Festival App (WHTLBL)

Just like gorgeous wine and food pairings–This app pairs you with the Crush Wine and Food Festival! #scoutedevent! Homegrown Huntsville’s App is designed to enhance your festival experience and make tasting notes & reserving wine a breeze. With it you can reserve your wine while you enjoy the festival! And with the state of Alabama just passing the law that wine and beer can be delivered to your home as of September 1st, 2019, so you can have it delivered straight to your house! 100% of wine sales proceeds will benefit the Crush Parkinson’s Fund at the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

4. The Alabama Civil Rights Trail

Travel and learn about sites that changed civil rights history here in Alabama with this app! You can also check out a great 4-day Civil Rights Trail itinerary available from the Alabama Tourism Department.

5. GrubSouth

Just like their tagline says–Eating just got easier! Download this app for local food deliveries from over 100 restaurants in North Alabama and Chattanooga! 

6. 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die

Everyone has seen this brochure right? (I carried it around in my car for a few years in case my travels took me close to anyone listed.) Well, this is the app for that! This is the bucket list of what you simply must go eat in Alabama. But do be careful, you won’t want to download this when you are hungry!

7. Alabama BBQ Trail

Alabama takes their BBQ pretty seriously. So it makes sense we have an app that shows you all the places that you can enjoy our Alabama BBQ. Grab some napkins before you download it though!

8. Dining Decider

Locally created in Huntsville, this app takes the stress out of deciding where to have dinner. But we wanted to know the story behind the idea so we asked Huntsville influencer Emory Eledui (go watch a few of his stories on Instagram) to elaborate. He told us, “Having seen Huntsville grow so quickly over the past several years my brother, Garrett Eledui, realized that there were so many moments when he wanted to find a good place to eat but by the time he had gotten around to deciding he was hangry and just wanted a quick decision. Current food finding apps were no help for a quick decision because there was just too many options, filters, styles, cuisines. It was information overload! So assembling a team of UAH graduates, Jared Nixon, Wesley Eledui and Emory Eledui, Garrett sought to develop an app that would give you lighting fast restaurant recommendations without all the pain of wading through tons of information. As Huntsville continues to become known as a techie city, Dining Decider is proud to be a homegrown member of this Silicon Valley of the South!”

9. Alabama Road Trips

Pack a bag and head out on an Alabama Road Trip – just you, the fam and this easy app! You can choose from dozens of routes to any of Alabama’s signature cities/destinations and even select road trips catered to your specific interest such as arts, dining, history, shopping, or the great outdoors.  And then you can live like a local, (we LOVE our LOCAL remember?) with tips on the most authentic Alabama experiences for the destination.

We hope that maybe we introduced you to some new ways to explore our fair city! Drop us a line at huntsvi[email protected] and let us know your favorite apps…

~Dawn and Sabrina