What We're Making | Pea Shoot Pesto

Recently our friend Rachel, Rocket City Dietitian, shared this fantastic recipe for Pea Shoot Pesto with us–and we felt it was way too tasty not to share it and spread the micro-green love with all of you!

Pea shoot pesto recipe huntsville al

So this recipe is dairy free, easy, and so very versatile! And there are so many ways you can use pesto. Rachel gave us six different suggestions on how to use this awesome recipe (and you can believe we are going to work our way through all of them!): 

Mix into your favorite pasta

Use as a sandwich spread… just think about grilled cheese & pesto

Instead of marinara, use pesto as a pizza base for something different

Baked on top of salmon or chicken

Mix into grain bowls, rice, quinoa, couscous salad… the possibilities are endless!

Add to roasted vegetables as a sauce.

So on to the recipe details…


Start by heading to your local farmers market! You can pick up a variety of microgreens at the local farmers markets or order online to pick up at local businesses in Huntsville/Madison. Rachel picked out some Sweet City Micros micro-greens. Sweet City Micros is an awesome, local, woman-owned business that happens to be one of our Ones to Watch in our new Vol. 2 Huntsville Scout Guide!

We asked Rachel why micro-greens? She explained that they are nutrient dense and pack a lot of flavor in a smaller package making this an extremely tasty pesto!


½ Cup of nut of choice (Rachel chose dry roasted Pistachios)

1-2 Cups pea shoot sprouts/greens of choice

1 Small garlic clove

1 Lemon juice & zest


Blend and slowly drizzle in olive oil to desired texture and presto! You have a delicious Pea Shoot Pesto! You can store the pesto in a glass storage container in fridge for about a week or spoon into ice cube trays and freeze and store to use later.

Thank you Rachel, A.K.A. Rocket City Dietitian, for sharing your recipe and photos of the pesto with us!