TSG Member Spotlight - Beverly Farrington, Accents of the South

Welcome to our regular feature where we introduce you to the local people who bring such creativity and vision to our community. Today, we invite you to meet Beverly Farrington, Owner of Accents of the South, an interior design firm that has been helping clients create their “sense of place” through distinguished, functional design, and innovation for over 30 years.

Beverly Farrington interior designer.png

What inspired you to start your own business?

In the late 70’s, universities were starting to teach young students how to design interiors from the ground up, how to compose interior spaces that related to one another, and to draw them so that they flowed with ease and grace. They taught interior details and interior architecture. It was a new breed of professionals and they called us Interior Designers – much different than the interior decorator who was only able to pick out a paint color or place a sofa.

Most new graduates went on to large cities to work for large architectural firms but not me. My father was determined that I come home and I did. There was no architectural firm in Huntsville at the time that really understood what an interior designer was, let alone have one on staff. So it became apparent if I wanted to practice this new craft, I would need to go at it alone. Never having a mentor was hard but I was determined and 40 years later it has been a very rewarding endeavor. With a great staff, many beautiful and award winning projects and meaningful relationships found, what seemed like an impossible task at such a young age has indeed been a blessing.

The Accents of the South Team: Sallie Stokes, Lauren Miller, Beverly Farrington and Andrea Wilson (left to right) with Bonnie Blue

The Accents of the South Team: Sallie Stokes, Lauren Miller, Beverly Farrington and Andrea Wilson (left to right) with Bonnie Blue

What is unique about Accents of the South?

What makes Accents of the South unique is what I learned so many years ago and we continue practicing today – that through our understanding of the very subtle interactions between space, light, and material we are able to create beautiful and meaningful interiors.

What does it mean to be local?

LOCAL to me means being a part of the South. It’s through the authenticity of my roots, the South, that I find inspiration in my designs. At Accents of the South, we weave the words and dreams of our clients to create three-dimensional spaces, spaces that are graceful, curated, and distinctive, making a house a comfortable home. 

What do you never leave home without?

My German shepherd, Bonnie Blue!