Members' View of TSG Huntsville Digital Stats Q1 2024

We are excited to share a view into our digital stats and reach. With more information and insight, you can know more about what works and how to best utilize your involvement in our digital and social media.

Dawn and David

National Editorial

While our Huntsville team does not control what local businesses are featured on a national level, we advocate for you by recommending our advertisers for consideration in these pieces. We feel that gaining national exposure for you, our members, is good for our city, our community, and our local market as well as good for your individual businesses. When a national editorial piece is published on, it is also promoted on social media (74K Instagram & 25K Facebook followers) and on Sunday evening in the Scouted Life newsletter (90K subscribers.) To learn more about the national following, read here.

Here are some national articles that have included TSG Huntsville businesses in the last few months:


City Website and Local Editorial

Our team both creates editorial opportunities as well as supports you in sharing your content pieces. When a local editorial piece is published on, it is also promoted on social media (14K Instagram & 6.3K Facebook followers) and in our monthly TSG Huntsville newsletter (6.7K subscribers.)

We rolled out our new Website in August and now have some great analytics to share. Our top 5 pages since August were the TSG Huntsville homepage, the Huntsville Dining Guide, the Huntsville Business Directory, the Huntsville Editorial page, and the Holiday Gift Guide.

Our online audience tends to include more men and skews slightly younger than the guide audience:

Our local editorial consists of several different areas of content that are ever changing and evolving:

  • Insider Guides (SHOP, TOUR, EAT, FAMILY, STAY) These are evergreen articles that consist of lists of our teams recommendations about how to live well locally in these content areas. Member’s listings are in bold.
  • Member authored articles. These blog posts are typically advice or TIP pieces written by our members. See an example here.
  • SCOUTED on Tennessee Valley Living. These interviews with Dawn are produced in conjunction with our partners at WAFF and air on TVL on a biweekly basis. We share them after airing have found these to be most successfully viewed on Instagram reels with around 2-2.5K views. Here is our newest segment.
  • 55 Questions With TSG Huntsville is a monthly video series hosted by Contributing Editor Dwaynia Wilkerson patterned after the “Vogue” web series where our audience gets an in-depth understanding of you, both professionally and personally. See latest segment here.
  • Scouted calendar/events is a digital listing on our website of a special event, sale, or time specific nature. The listing features details, graphic and links to you. Scouted events can also be shared on social media.
  • Voices of Huntsville is our monthly series in which we feature interesting people in our community. These are people are not advertisers, but rather someone who’s story we want to amplify. Please help us with these articles by encouraging interesting people to apply.

If you are interested in being considered for any of the local editorial content areas, please submit a request!

Newsletter Marketing

In Q1 2024, TSG Huntsville grew its subscriber base by 49% (4.5K in Q4 to 6.7K). The newsletter features highlights of the locally created content over the past month. Our aggregated mailing scores typically rank 9.0 or higher with 50% average open rates and a click rate of 9%.

TSG Huntsville Social Media

Our local media can be a powerful tool to help our audience of 14.1K Instagram & 6.3K Facebook followers. We use our social to connect with this audience and help them to know how to live well locally.

In sharing some details about our online performance, we hope to empower you to work with us to create compelling content that features your business.

Facebook Posts & Stories

Reach (last 90 days): 44K (an increase of 26% over Q4 2023)

Top Posts

Instagram Posts & Stories

Reach (last 90 days): 22.7K

Instagram Reels

Reach (last 90 days): 65,322

Social Media Conclusions

  • Content with the guide, the TSG team, or your faces do best!
  • Reels are king often with thousands of views.
  • Engagement helps. You should always like and comment on our posts. When we post about you, share the posts to your personal social and business socials. The sharing has an exponential impact on the algorithm.
  • Don’t believe the hype! Even though Facebook doesn’t feel as cool, the post and story reach there can be as powerful as Instagram. And posts with videos and links do really well on Facebook too.
  • We’re killing it on Instagram! TSG Huntsville posts more frequently, has higher follower counts and doubles the content interactions (compared to similar businesses.)
  • Some simple stories get over 100 views and it is easy, so tag us in your posts and stories so we can easily share them.