Keeping Things Simple in a Complicated Industry — Meet David Nast, CEO of Progress Bank

Welcome back to our regular feature where we introduce you to the great people who are inspiration and catalysts for our city of Huntsville! This time we talked with David Nast, the Founding Director of Progress Bank who has served as President and CEO since the bank opened in 2008.

David Nast, CEO, Progress Bank

TSG:  How many years have you been in business in Huntsville?

David Nast: 13 years

TSG:  What inspired you to start your own business?

David Nast:  I had always wanted to run my own business and after 25 years with the same company, the timing was right. I was also able to attract some strong people to help organize and run the new company.

TSG:  What is unique about your business?

David Nast:  We keep things simple in a complicated industry. We’re extremely client focused in everything we do and every decision we make.

TSG:  When you’re not working, what are you doing?

David Nast:  Running/Training. And spending time with family and friends at the lake.

TSG:  What is your favorite thing about Huntsville?

David Nast:  Diversity, well educated people, progressive thinking. Our citizens genuinely care about the city its future.  

TSG:  Do you have any hobbies? And tell us why you love them.

David Nast:  Running is my main hobby. I enjoy the friends I run with, but I also like running solo. It gives me time to think and unwind a little. I also enjoy the personal challenges that come with races. Sometimes I might be trying to get a certain time and other endurance trail races the challenge might simply be to finish.

TSG:  Give us some words to live by. 

David Nast:  Work – Hire people who are smarter than you. They will take care of things you don’t understand and bring distinction to your organization. Personal – Have respect for everyone and do your part to make your community better.

David with his leadership team at Progress Bank (with Huntsville’s development progress in the background)

David with his leadership team at Progress Bank (with Huntsville’s development progress in the background)

TSG:  What’s on your desk right now?

David Nast:  Not much. I don’t like clutter. My computer and a couple of folders.  

TSG:  What do you never leave home without?

David Nast:  My watch and phone. Busy schedule!

TSG:  Who is your hero and why?

David Nast:  My father because he always shows up to help others and is willing to do the hard work when needed.

TSG:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

David Nast:  I don’t really remember dreaming about anything except maybe being a baseball player. I was raised in a small town and I knew I wanted to see and experience new things.  

Thank you so much, David, for sharing a bit about what you do and who you are with us. 

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