Dawn Spills All (and also tells us why she wears bright lipstick)

Scout Guide Huntsville Editor Dawn Pumpelly

At the risk of sounding like a tabloid, one of our most tantalizing and scintillating Huntsville Scout Guide features is a Q&A with our different members! So we thought, for those of you who haven’t met Dawn Pumpelly in person, we would ask her to share some juicy Editor’s details with our readers right here:

TSG:  Dawn, what inspired you to start a Scout Guide in Huntsville?

Dawn:  Huntsville did! I had just closed a chapter in my work life and was looking for just the right thing. I was so excited about where I saw Huntsville going and the momentum we were reaching. Also, conversations with Sasha Sealy, Dennis Madsden, Chad Emerson, John Kvatch and Leslie Ecklund helped me to feel comfortable that Huntsville was ready and waiting for Scout!

TSG:  What is unique about The Scout Guide Huntsville?

Dawn:  That’s something that I love about The Scout Guide. Every city guide has it’s own feel. Someone told me before I started the guide, that the Huntsville community will support you if you have a good idea and work hard for it. Huntsville isn’t just about who you know. That has 100% been my experience. I want our guide to be that way…we celebrate the elite without being elitist. We celebrate the unique and authentic contributors to living the best life in Huntsville.

TSG:  When you’re not Scouting, what are you doing?

Dawn:  Four words: FAMILY, FRIENDS, WINE & TRAVEL! Honestly, Scouting is both a job and a hobby to me. I love exploring our city, trying new places, meeting new people. I am very active in WEDC (the Women’s Economic Development Council) and get a lot of energy out of my professional relationships with other women business leaders. I also serve on the Burritt on the Mountain board. Personally, I love my family and friend time…traveling to fun places, swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter. I have a “book club” here in Huntsville that is really a special friend group very loosely arranged around books. And, my best friends in the whole world, the YaYas, are my peeps. They live in 3 other cities so time with them is precious.

TSG:  So what does “LOCAL” mean to you?

Dawn:  Local means connections between people and their contributions. How do we impact each other’s lives? Not just what do we sell or provide and how much, but what quality do offer to enrich our community. LIVE | LOVE | LOCAL means living intentionally in a way that celebrates and strengthens those connections.

TSG:  What is your favorite thing about Huntsville?

Dawn:  The positivity. I love the way everyone is committed to a greater local good. We really live in a glass half full kind of place.

TSG:  Share some words to live by.

Dawn:  Karma is a boomerang!

TSG:  What’s on your desk right now?

Dawn:  So many stacks of paper, a Coke zero, a locally made candle, and a water bottle to spray my dog MooMoo with if she interrupts a business call by barking.

Scout Guide Editor/Owner Dawn Pumpelly with Volume 2

TSG:  What do you never leave home without?

Dawn:  Bright lipstick. I’ve sort of adopted it as my signature. It says, “keep looking here, I have important things to say!”

TSG: What is your guilty pleasure?

Dawn: All kinds of candy! Gummy candies, chocolate candy, Swedish fish, a Whitman’s Sampler at Christmas, I even like black licorice. If you run into me at the bulk candy aisle at Fresh Market, tell me hi!

Thanks Dawn for sharing the who and the why behind bringing The Scout Guide Huntsville to life! 

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