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Hey there! My name is Christopher Gregory and I am one of the contributing editors for The Scout Guide Vol. 3! I am fairly new to Alabama, but my entire family is from here. I have spent time all over the world and those experiences have not only shaped my personal style, but they have also influenced how I encourage my clients, followers, and friends to dress themselves. 

Huntsville is a smart town, and I would love to see menswear here evolve past what I have dubbed the “Southern Uniform.” When I attend events and dinners in Huntsville khaki’s and a blue blazer seems to be the outfit of choice for just about every guy in attendance. There is nothing inherently wrong with it, but by putting some extra effort and personality into what you wear and carefully choosing the right pieces for your closet, Huntsville can be AND dress smart too! So today, I am going to walk you through three items that I believe are the building blocks of a strong fall wardrobe. 

1. A good sport coat. 

One of the keystones of a solid wardrobe is having pieces that are directly suited to the individual seasons that complement the basics in your closet. As I mentioned before, the go-to sport coat for most is classic navy blue. However, in my opinion, the best coat for fall is something with a bit of texture. Although the weight and appearance of some of the coats for fall vary, I believe that being somewhere on the texture spectrum is key. 

A perfect example of a fall sport coat. This coat has a very textured finish that makes it more conducive for the cooler months. This particular coat is a custom made piece from Roosevelt & Co. A surefire way to make sure your garments are incre…This coat here is an example of a more muted fall jacket. It is a simple plaid, but the earth tones at play mixed with the subtle texture make this coat an easy option for fall

2. A good pair of denim. 

Of course, denim is not just for fall, but I feel like it gets the best use during the fall months. Denim can be so versatile, especially with how casual things are becoming, so it would be wise to invest in a solid pair. There is such a wide range of options out there when it comes to denim and it would be quite easy to get lost in them. 

When I am working with my own clients, I always suggest they buy a dark wash jean first. It can transcend any season and it will also play a lot of different roles in the closet. With the right pair, one should be able to wear a white tee and sneakers one day and transition to a dress shirt and a sport coat on another. Having that versatility is key and having a pair of denim that will play that role for a long time is just as valuable.

Here is a perfect example of how a dark wash denim can easily flow into a dressier look. With things becoming more and more casual a pair of jeans that can do it all will be valuable! Photograph from The Armoury, Hong KongThis dark denim has a little more of vintage wash, filling the more casual role. Despite the casual application of this denim, it could easily be worn with a sport coat and a button-down too! Photograph by Felix Escobar

3. A good boot.

A boot is a cold-weather staple here in the south and depending on what style you choose they can easily play multiple roles like the denim does. The two boot styles I am really liking this season are the chukka and lace-ups. Lace-up boots are my personal go-to and I typically wear mine in a more casual style, even though most lace-ups can transition to dressier outfits. The chukka boot is similar to the lace-up in most ways, the main difference being the height. Chukka boots typically sit just above the ankle and have a really clean silhouette. Traditionally, a boot is a very utilitarian item, and it is wise to buy one that is well made that will last. 

The color and finish on this chukka from Trask is perfect! It is a little bit more understated than most chukkas, which honestly adds to the appeal! Photograph by Kadie PangburnThis is my go-to lace-up from Trask. Crafted from black bison leather with solid Vibram soles—these boots are sleek with a strong utilitarian side as well! Photograph by Felix Escobar

All in all, I believe there are plenty of pieces that would be great for a guy to have in their closet for fall, but these three are the essential building blocks. Something you wear as much as a boot, denim, and a sport coat would all be something worth investing a little money in. Quality will last for years and prevent you from having to rebuy items and spending even more in the long run!

Written by: Christopher Gregory, STYLE SAVANT

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