Something to Smile About – Meet Dr. Nathan Johnson

Dr. Nathan Johnson and patients Huntsville orthodontist

Welcome back to our regular feature where we introduce you to the lovely people who bring great living, inspiration, and betterment to Huntsville!

We were excited to catch up with Dr. Johnson to ask him all about himself and his practice, Johnson Orthodontics

TSG:  What inspired you to start your own business?

Dr. Johnson: It was a vision that my wife and I shared. We wanted to open a practice in a town where we could serve our community and give back.

TSG: Well, we are really glad that you chose Huntsville. So when you’re not working Nathan, what are you up to?

Dr. Johnson:  Spending time with my family—my wife, Jessica, and our two children, Eli (5) and Ava (4) … or, watching Alabama football, playing golf, or hunting.

Dr. Nathan Johnson and his wife Huntsville orthodontist

TSG:  What is your favorite thing about Huntsville?

Dr. Johnson:  It’s a progressive community with a diverse patient population. It’s a wonderful place to work and raise a family.

TSG:  What is unique about your business?

Dr. Johnson:  Our team makes us unique. We’re a really hard working group of people, and we treat our patients like family.

TSG:  Do you have any hobbies and tell us why you love them.

Dr. Johnson:  Yes, I enjoy playing golf. I love being outdoors. It’s a fun but challenging game that constantly tests you.

TSG:  Words to live by…

Dr. Johnson:  Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

TSG:  What’s on your desk right now? 

Dr. Johnson:  A lot of things. Mail I need to catch up on and several 3D printed models of cases I’m currently working on.

TSG:  What do you never leave home without? 

Dr. Johnson:  My phone, keys, and wallet.

Dr. Nathan Johnson orthodontist goofing around with his patients

TSG:  Who is your hero and why?

Dr. Johnson:  My Dad. He really instilled a great work ethic in me and was always there for our family growing up.

TSG:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

Dr. Johnson:  I always dreamed of being a professional baseball player.

TSG:  Would like to add about the current situation?

Dr. Johnson:  I was devastated when we had to temporarily close the office due to the Corona Virus. Of course, it was the right thing to do, but it was still tough. I wanted to be sure our team was taken care of, and I’m proud to say that we all pulled together and probably became even stronger through our closure. I was concerned about our patients and especially felt bad for those who had big plans of getting their braces off during the time we were closed. I know that’s an exciting milestone. We’re very grateful that we’ve been able to re-open. Our patients’ well-being is always our top priority and we’ve implemented new processes to make sure that we are going above and beyond what is required to ensure the welfare our patients and our staff. 

Now that is something to smile about! Thank you, Nathan!

Huntsville Orthodontist Nathan Johnson

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