Zhuzh It Up!—Faith’s Top Tips for Date Night at Home

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Since we are all spending a little bit more time around the house, we asked Faith Woods, our planning and etiquette guru, to help us with ways to elevate an ordinary dinner for two into something quite memorable! Here are Faith’s suggestions on how to have a fabulous date night at home…

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Consider Your Menu

Dining at home has taken on new heights. Flour is scarce, dairy is quantity limited, and we are cooking it all. Taking the menu up a notch calls for an intimate dinner date at home, and whether a recipe simple or complex, the attempt is the elegance in itself. I personally love to dig in to a favorite cookbook to make one of those tried and true recipes, so that my date night is not preoccupied by a flat soufflé. 

It is said that the best dinner parties never serve anything new, and I truly cannot agree more with this statement. I will never serve something to a crowd that I’ve cooked for the first time. Thank you, Ina Garten. 

The comfort and joy of a romantic dinner for two lends itself to a beautiful setting with candles and flowers, and a dinner of ease. Whether you wish to divide and conquer with one grilling and the other setting the scene, this is the time for warmth and ease. Alternatively, perhaps you decide to do localtakeout or dessert—(think Domaine South, Purveyor, Lyn’s Gracious Goodness, Mazzara’s Italian Kitchen, Straight to AlePizzelle’s Confections, and Hamley Bake Shoppe ), then by all means, proceed.

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Tablescape in Advance

A romantic dinner for two is perfect for a well dressed table. All of the little things come together to build one great thing, a setting that has all the special touches. Creating your theme, pressing the linens, polishing the silver, laying the placemats, and lettering the placecards, everything in its place. 

This is the perfect time of year to take inspiration from a flower for the colors in your setting, or using a memento from your past to recreate the scene. Imagine, a dinner party set to emulate a Nancy Meyers movie. Oh, the possibilities! Just remember that Rome was not built in a day.

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Mix the High and the Low

Some of the best parties I have ever attended had no formality and provided the coziest experience. Just as in high fashion, the ultimate dinner parties, regardless of size, have a mix of all elements high and low. We have fine white wine with grocery store rotisserie chicken or perhaps a charcuterie board (like one from Domaine South)coupled with simple bamboo plates. We must make a statement, one that represents our style, our home, and our purpose.

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Music Makes It

Soft background noise is best for a dinner in general. It is said a silence drifts over the table about every seven minutes. I feel we are zoned in and focused on those in our home more than ever before, because despite the circumstances of the pandemic, we are together more than ever before. Creating a special playlist from favorite songs from your past is a wonderful way to dwell up good times. Or if you need a romantic go-to playlist, Vertical House Records created one just for us!

Pull in All the Natural Light

Create a warm atmosphere by appealing to the coziness of lighting. Candles lit in every room, doors open, blinds up, or an open window all bring visibility to your romantic evening. Locally, In Bloom, Topiary Tree, Golden Griffin and Old River Interiors all have fabulous selections of candles. Creating a homey feel with something that you’ve incorporated for practically free makes a world of difference no matter how formal the event.

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Dress Up

I know I’ve cycled through every pajama set I own these past several weeks. Perhaps a change of wardrobe (Think about heading to Carriage House, Elitaire Boutique, and Roosevelt & Co. for some new duds!) and a swipe of lipstick is really the catch to take the effort of this dinner party up a notch!

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Thank you so much Faith for all the considerate tips. And now that you know how to zhuzh up a romantic dinner for two—enjoy your next date night with that little extra added sparkle, at home!

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