CORNERS OF MY HOME: Andy & Ashley Vaughn, Photographer

If you’re like we are, the biggest treat is visiting a new friend’s home. It gives us a true window into who they are and what is most important to them in their most important spaces. That’s how you truly get to know someone!

We asked some of our members to share the favorite corners of their homes with us (and you) to get to know them better and just maybe to inspire us in our own home design!


Listen to Ashley and Andy’s latest SCOUTED PLAYLIST, while you tour their home…

Kitschy kitchen window

Kitchen window: the naked lady vase came from our first home – we found it in the back of a cabinet and I think the previous homeowner made it! The gargoyle and cute house are made by a NOLA artist (TAMAR TAYLOR) that we got from one of our favorite restaurants, Surrey’s. The sun underneath the house was from a market in Italy. Inside the naked lady vase are garlic chive flowers from our garden (yum!) The little baby came out of a king cake, and the other trinkets were found at estate sales. I think we purchased the hanging pot form an artist at the Monte Sano art show!

Kitchen: a vintage stove was at the house when we started restoring the property, so we let that define the space and style of the room!

kitchen with vintage touches huntsville alabama

Garden herb spiral: our garden gives us so much! We spend a lot of time in the yard and allow for our kitties to join us supervised. They have their own favorite spots too! In the herb spiral you can see the hint of lavender at the top which is great for headaches, anxiety, and is an antimicrobial! Growing next to it with it’s vibrant shade of green is lemon balm, which is fabulous for it’s properties to help calm the nervous system and acts as an antiviral – great for a racing heart and to help reduce nervous feelings…also tastes YUMMY!  One of our kitties, Maple, is resting next to bee balm (before its showy flowers have bloomed) which has antimicrobial, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also see a peek of sage behind Maple. Sage’s key actions are wonderful: antiseptic, astringent, clears mucus, nerve tonic, and estrogenic. Such a great versatile herb to have! Our garden grows over 30 beneficial, organic herbs that I use to make tea blends, tinctures, and vinegars. Studying herbalism has given me so much more respect for plants – in fact, we let a lot of the wild plants grow in the yard that most people consider weeds! Purple dead nettle, henbit, chickweed, cleavers, violets, shepard’s purse – all of those have wonderful properties!

herb garden with cat

Dining room Apothecary: I’m studying herbalism and as soon as a started the venture, I knew I had to have an apothecary! This shot was in the beginning, and now it’s packed with teas, tinctures, and dried herbs from the garden!

modern apothecary herb drying corner cabinet