CORNERS OF MY HOME: Suzanne Carlisle, Golden Griffin Antiques

If you’re like we are, the biggest treat is visiting a new friend’s home. It gives us a true window into who they are and what is most important to them in their most important spaces. That’s how you truly get to know someone!

We asked some of our members to share the favorite corners of their homes with us (and you) to get to know them better and just maybe to inspire us in our own home design!

Suzanne Carlisle || GOLDEN GRIFFIN

interior design starburst mirror gilded console

I love the dimension in this starburst mirror paired with a more clean-lined lamp and Italian style chest. On top of the chest is a particularly cherished piece—a hand-painted box of a landscape with a gorgeous gold-leaf edge and bottom by artist Julie Robinson. I also collect abstract nude art. This framed piece one of many around my house.

bookshelf with icons

If I collect anything it’s antique religious items! This bookcase in my master bedroom holds some of my favorite things: A collection of metal religious figures, handmade jeweled crosses and crowns atop antique bottles, and a stack of vintage Italian Florentine boxes (also a weakness of mine)! 

foyer will local art and religious icon

I think this foyer nook gives more great insight into my style. Some of my favorite art by Julie Robinson, a local Huntsville artist, hangs on the original 1907 plaster staircase wall. And then there are the pretty pieces on the table—an antique carved religious figure in one of my favorite colors, pink!—An antique Italian lamp with new gold leaf shade (I’m a lover of all things gold!)—and then bejeweled tiara atop candlestick. I love layering with little unexpected add ons!