ADVICE WE LOVE || Home Activity Inspiration from our Members

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As the days pass by and somehow both slowly and rapidly change, I can definitely say it’s completely beautiful to take some time out from everything to focus on new and fun things to learn and inspire us at home. It’s the perfect time to focus on a new or old hobby or try something you have always wanted to! As a part of our #stayconnectedHUNTSVILLE campaign, get to know the Scout Guide Huntsville members in a new way as they share their ideas and suggestions for new and fun things to do at home!

Take care Huntsville. And be well! 

 xoxo (from 6ft away),  ~Dawn

Alana Coker || Cooking from The Defined Dish

Dr. Alana Coker of R City Eye Care has a great suggestion to keep busy at home. She is cooking everything and anything out of the cookbook, The Defined Dish. Alana says that her food is flavorful, healthy, and most recipes are whole30 or gluten-free friendly. She also has a blog to explore with many more recipes online!

If this cookbook doesn’t peak your interest, maybe another one would. We love the idea of picking a source and exploring it in detail as a home activity inspiration! Good one, Alana!

Carole Foret, Christina Wegman & Christina Green || Color Me Huntsville

Grab some crayons and markers and tag someone who needs some coloring pages from local artists @thecardinalcollective, @carole_foret & @christinawegmanartist that are a part of Historic Huntsville’s Color Me Huntsville. These are just right for a break from homeschooling the kids, or better yet, for your own personal moments of calm, just drag and drop the coloring sheets straight from our post.

Megan Powe & Elissa Bedwell of MayMays || Kid’s Activities  

Elissa, an employee at MayMay’s, kept her niece and nephew occupied with this great idea: Sidewalk chalk doesn’t just have to be for sidewalks! Create a neat stained glass effect by taping a frame and then individual sections. Color each section and then peel the tape off!

And then Megan crated an impromptu color sorting game. You can use hampers, toy bins, baskets, or crates. Tape construction paper to each bin, and then grab different colored objects that match the colored paper (think balls, stuffed animals, small plastic toys, etc.). Have kids toss them on into the corresponding baskets!

Rica McRoy || Journaling, Books and Puzzles  

Dr. Rica McRoy of R City Eye Care told us all about what she and her family were doing with all this extra time, “I have been catching up on books I wanted to read, praying, and journaling. And we are putting together a puzzle as a family.”

Journaling in particular can be a great activity right now, with numerous studies showing that writing can reduce both stress and anxiety. Sabrina, The Scout Guide Huntsville Assistant Editor, has kept a running journal for the past 25+ years suggests that if you decide to try journaling out that you may want to try these tips: try to write for about 10-20 minutes every day; if you skip a day or two or three that’s okay, write when you can; do not worry about neatness or even grammar it can be stream of consciousness “brain-dump;” keep your journal private and try not to self-censor; let go of the to-do lists, and just write what comes to mind; and lastly if you place your journal and pen on your pillow in the morning you will remind yourself to finish your day with writing, clearing out your thoughts for a good night’s sleep in the evening!

Mike Manley || Hobby Time

Mike Manley of Gray Analytics told us he was diving into his hobby. He told us he plays the guitar and the drums. So if you’ve ever played a musical instrument, now is a great time to brush up on those skills or even learn a new instrument!

Roosevelt and Co. || Closet Overhaul

Roosevelt & Co. posted a fantastic journal entry with 5 handy tips on a cleaning out and overhauling your closet. And with all this time on our hands, it seems to be a great time to dive in and get it done. Thanks Teddy!