Brooks & Collier's Tips to Elevate Your Outdoor Life this Fall

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We interviewed Foster Brooks of Brooks & Collier, Huntsville’s Indoor and Outdoor Living Headquarters, and got all the insider tips for Fall! 

Foster, what would you say are the hottest trends for outdoor entertaining this year?

The outdoor kitchen is one of the biggest trends we have seen across the Tennessee Valley, and we’ve also noticed the growing trend of people expanding their indoor living to their outdoor space. Football season is finally here, and people enjoy watching the games outside and in the comfort of their home. So, making the outdoor space comfy during the pleasant days ahead is a must. Patio heaters and fire pits help with this. 

What’s an item people come back to you and tell you they just loved?

The new Traeger grills have really been a hit since they launched back in March. Everyone is loving the ease of being able to control these grills from anywhere with your smartphone. They call their new technology “Wifire”.

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How do we go about designing a space that is both comfortable and relaxing and makes us want to take advantage of being outside?

Very simple–Comfort and durability is the key!

Brooks and collier, huntsville, AL, fall outdoor tips

What’s the best type of outdoor fabric, and what’s the proper way to clean them?

The most durable types of fabric would have to be Sunbrella. They are know for being able to clean any spot with mild soap and water solution. You can even spill red wine on this fabric and clean it off without leaving a stain! Like all things, it just takes a little elbow grease!

Here are the basic Sunbrella cleaning instructions:

Brush off loose dirt.

Spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap.

Use a soft bristle brush to clean.

Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.

Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.

Air dry.

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Let’s talk plants. What are your thoughts on Fall planting?

Fall is generally one of the better times to plant, because the roots have more time to establish before the hot summer months.

Also for plants that aren’t cold hardy– when you bring them inside to save from frost, a good tip would be to spray with insecticide before bringing them into your home to avoid unwanted bugs.

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Can you give us some suggestions for plants that are perfect for Fall decor?

I would have to say for the Fall, you can never go wrong with either Ornamental Peppers, Asters, Mums, and even the Croton plant. A Croton gives a sense of fall coloring but with easy maintenance. Croton’s are tropical though, so you will need to bring them indoors once the weather finally gets chilly.

Thank you so much for sharing all these great Fall tips Foster! Be sure and tell Lucy “hi” when you visit Brooks & Collier! And, don’t forget to tell them that scout sent you…


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