"The Veggie" Chef Adyre Scouts Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week in Huntsville is a week to celebrate all our fantastic local food! Our Online Food Contributor, Local Vegan Chef Adyre Mason, took a trip to Happy Tummy, located in the Lowe Mill, for lunch the other day. Take it away, Chef!

Chef Adyre’s Happy Tummy Lunch

Jerk Tofu WrapVietnamese Rice Bowl Classic Hummus

1. The Jerk Tofu Wrap is a must-have! It’s a simple but delicious wrap that features Chef Cat’s thinly sliced and marinated tofu. The jerk rub is super spicy and cooled down with the freshest veggies. Try it with a bag of chips or their Spicy Strawberry Cream Cheese Dip w- Pita Chips.

2. This Vietnamese Rice Bowl is an explosion of flavor! Every bite tastes slightly different as you dig for all of the tasty treasures in this bowl. You can also add a protein like tofu or chicken to make it a filling meal. All of the ingredients are super fresh from the mung beans to the thinly sliced jalapeño to the pickled daikon. If these flavors are some of your faves, you won’t be disappointed by this light, refreshing bowl!

3. Happy Tummy’s classic hummus is simple and delicious. Chef Cat pairs it with pita chips which allow the great flavor of this hummus to shine. It’s so good it’s even great on a flavored chip or you can request some added protein to a wrap by adding it in.

Although Happy Tummy is currently only open for pickup or delivery, you can find a great socially distant spot at the beautiful Lowe Mill Arts to enjoy your eats! Happy Tummy is an exciting place to try unique creations. Chef Cat always has a delicious special cooked up and you should always trust her tastebuds! Their restaurant week special is a hearty sandwich called “I’ve Got Spurs.” It’s a pulled pork sammy with their zesty house BBQ sauce, pickled onion, pepper jack cheese, and a ciabatta bun.

Chef Adyre's Lunch at Happy Tummy

For plant-based consumers, you can enjoy a variety of things on the Happy Tummy menu by switching out the protein for tofu and removing the cheese or going for the specific vegetarian and vegan items on the menu. Happy Tummy always sources super fresh veggies and ingredients that make for a delicious meal. Their house sauces and healthy sides like baked chips, hummus, and veggie slaw are a great compliment to any plant-based option you choose.

We hope you enjoyed Chef Adyre’s restaurant review, we sure did. The Huntsville/Madison County Visitors and Convention Bureau’s Restaurant Week runs through August 23rd. And it may be socially distanced, but it’s still delicious! Be sure you check out all the awesome food features and specials from your local restaurants.

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