Beyond Rockets PODCAST - The Scout Guide Huntsville

TSG Huntsville Editor | Owner Dawn Pumpelly was thrilled to sit down with Clark Dunn on his podcast, Beyond Rockets. Clark asks her about her love of Huntsville, The Scout Guide Huntsville becoming a voice for local businesses, and even what it is like to be a small business owner herself. Have a listen via the Beyond Rockets Website, Spotify, or watch the interview below via YouTube!

Beyond Rockets: What interested you the most about being a small business owner?

Dawn: I think being a small business owner is nice because you are in charge of your own destiny, and if you have the confidence to do that (like you do) I think it feels really good!

“In this episode, I sit down to talk with Dawn Pumpelly the Owner & Editor of The Scout Guide Huntsville. The mission of the Scout Guide Huntsville is to support and celebrate local businesses, owners, entrepreneurs, and makers. During this episode, we discuss how Huntsville has changed since she first moved here in 2002, some of her favorite local businesses, and the future of Huntsville’s local business scene.”

— Clark Dunn, Beyond Rockets Podcast

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