Recently engaged? Here are the top 7 things you should do first…

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We are coming up fast on wedding season, but what about the ladies and gents that have just popped that question? The Scout Guide Huntsville asked etiquette connoisseur and events planner Faith Woods what should be the most important questions for the newly engaged to help get everything on track and in motion for the big day. She told us there were seven important things to consider – and broke them down for us here:

The Invitation List

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Collecting your invitation list is quite a time-consuming activity. Work on this from the get-go as quantities will grow quickly. Make sound decisions on invitations because your wedding is about surrounding yourself with people that just have to be on that list! To establish your invitations, I recommending using an Excel sheet with multiple columns. You will need an outer envelope with formal names, an inner envelope, their address spelling out all information in full, a wedding gift slot, and don’t forget to make a row for those thank you notes to send! There are many etiquette rules to addressing invitations depending on the formality of your event so do some soul searching and make sure you do not overlook common errors.

2. The Wedding Date

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What will dictate your actual wedding date? Will it be your venue, a specific vendor, or a special date on the calendar? Many brides have their hearts set on one of these event specifics before I ever enter the picture. Others might be waiting for an opening with a dream vendor to set their date. Decide on what is best for you and yours right out of the gate. You need to set expectations as to what will dictate your final concrete plans for the wedding day when searching for other necessary vendors.

3. Your Budget

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Will you stick to it or go over on your dream details? It’s usually easy to think of what you can afford in the concrete, as in, having a set amount of dollars to spend. Please make sure what you can spend feels comfortable throughout the process. I want clients to feel at ease with expenses and that expectations fit reality. Event details get expensive fast when you begin to absorb all of the items outsourced for your wedding.  

4. The Must-Haves

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What is the most important aspect of your wedding that you cannot bear to compromise? Sit down and really think for a moment. Do not give away your true party loves! Establish the must-haves of your event and do not stray for something else. For example, if you have your heart set on solid photography, make this one of the first booking priorities and go for what will last. After all, it is your day! Some of my brides choose food, while others splurge on custom paper products. The event world is your oyster!

5. A Wedding Planner


Do you need a planner or are you willing to wing it? Spend some time considering your personal work or school load, and experience level in planning events when you first decide to seek an event planner. Faith Woods Events offers many levels of coordination simply because of a bride’s comfort level in handling things on her own. Some want guidance from the start while others opt for a partial or even weekend package. 

6. Go with Your Gut

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Believe me, we can look at all kinds of wedding details! Glassware, napkins, reception cards, table linens, peonies, and cocktail shrimp, everything has its place. If you find something you love, go with it and move on to the next task. You will make yourself miserable if you continue to search and make changes once a big decision has been established.

7. Establish sentimental details

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You want your wedding to be the perfect representation of you and your partner. Although it is the best day of your life, a storied journey is ahead. It is best to establish the overall vision, feel, and moments of your event to keep the focus on you and your spouse. Make all things true to you and thinking out of the box to personal touches will make things much more intimate. Do not worry about what other people think or say regarding your decisions. After all, wedding guests will not be coming over to clean your house and feed the dog when you are five years in wedded bliss.  

All photos by The Scout Guide Huntsville photographer, Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios.