VOLUME 12: Hair and Makeup

A stylish promotional image for The Scout Guide featuring an array of beauty products on a dark background with elegant, white cursive script reading "Hair & Makeup" along with the words "Contacts" beneath. The central logo of The Scout Guide is also prominent at the top.
Alt text: A document titled "The Scout Guide Hunt Country Hair & Makeup Contacts" providing a list of hair and makeup artists with their details, including names, services offered, locations, email addresses, phone numbers, and cost ranges. Additionally, editorial notes describe the artists' specialties and work preferences, such as which ones are willing to travel for on-location shoots and which ones are able to stay for touch-ups on set.
A text document listing contact information and editor notes for hair and makeup artists Carla Pressley and Charla Malone, as well as additional artists including Kylie Smith, Samantha Trionfo, Erica Basha, and Kendra Dalton. Details provided include service cost ranges for Pressley and Malone and communication platforms such as email and social media handles. The document emphasizes their connection to The Scout Guide through editor notes and being recommended by industry contacts.