Meet: Mortgage Hall Estate

Tucked amongst grand oak trees and flanked by rolling hills, Mortgage Hall Estate is the epitome of a countryside getaway. Built in the 1850’s, this Georgian mansion sprawls across 121 acres of prime Fox Hunting country just outside of Middleburg, Virginia.

In addition to Fox Hunting, the surrounding area plays host to horse racing, fierce equestrian competition, quaint restaurants and historic villages. Upperville, Middleburg and Aldie are all just a short drive away.

We wanted to share some more background about Viyas Sundaram, the new owner of Mortgage Hall. Viyas and his wife first discovered Middleburg after their first child was born when they took a trip to see and play with the horses. His daughter fell in love with the horses, and Viyas and his wife fell in love with all the traditions of Middleburg.  Later, they had the opportunity to attend their first Christmas parade in Middleburg, and this is when they really had a chance to engage with the lovely community.  

After attending his first Middleburg hunt, Viyas knew this was not only a community he loved, but one he wanted to be a part of. He and his wife started looking at properties in Middleburg a few years ago and as everyone knows, there are so many beautiful homes and farms throughout the area. When they saw Mortgage Hall Estate, they knew immediately that this was the property for them!  The history of the property, along with its unique atmosphere is something very special. The property embodies the traditions and history of Middleburg just perfectly.

Weddings are, of course, events that happen often on this picturesque property (see above). However, corporate retreats, reunions, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, countryside weekend getaways, and music videos (yes, Mortgage Hall is the setting for a music video!) are also on the docket for frequent happenings at Mortgage Hall Estate.

The house itself can accommodate up to twenty guests, boasting ten bedrooms, each meticulously curated and adorned with charming vintage and modern decor.

The mansion, in it’s masterful revival to modern times, is the perfect addition to Hunt Country.

The property has continued to evolve, and is now also home to Middleburg Barrel Company distillery and Hunt Country Bourbon. Middleburg Barrel Company sells its Hunt Country Bourbon around the DMV and also hosts tastings and bourbon experiences.


As always, we want to know what our members’s fave local spots are for shopping, sipping and dining.

Viyas and his family’s favorite Middleburg places include Jarad’s famous chocolate and peanut cookies at Knead Wine as well as Scruffy’s Ice Cream Parlor!

Mortgage Hall Estate might be nestled in a secluded piece of paradise (the driveway itself makes you feel like you’re on the set of Bridgerton) but it is anything but secluded when it comes to accessing the fabulous local businesses that make up the fabric of our Hunt Country community. There are SO many right within reach of this fabulous historic estate.

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35487 Snake Hill Rd
Middleburg, VA