Meet: Prosperity Family Medicine

Equestrian jump at The Scout Guide event, rider on horse clearing obstacle.
Dr. Sara Kepple competing in showjumping. All photos courtesy Dr. Sara Kepple.

We are thrilled to welcome a horsewoman and physician to the pages of Volume 12! Please meet Dr. Sara Kepple of Prosperity Family Medicine, a personable, accessible, subscription based collaborative primary care practice based in Warrenton, Virginia. Dr. Kepple is a licensed and board certified family medicine physician. Read on to get to know Dr. Kepple and her deep roots here in Hunt Country!

TSG: How did you get started in your business here in Hunt Country?

DR. KEPPLE: I spent the year before I went to medical school living in Middleburg, working with horses and falling in love with hunt country. I headed off to medical school in Blacksburg and then residency in South Carolina, but always aimed to move back to hunt country to start my practice. When I finished my training in 2020, things were looking a little grim in healthcare. I saw it as an opportunity to take big chances – what was there to lose? I bought my small farm sight unseen and took the leap back to Virginia to settle in Warrenton. I started the practice as house calls only – of course, I realized this limited what I could get done for my patients, and opted to rent a very small space in Old Town. I’ve since bought and renovated my new office with plenty of space to grow into, and am so happy to have a real home for my practice in hunt country.

Professional at desk with The Scout Guide, dog resting nearby.

TSG: What do you love most about living and working in Hunt Country?

DR. KEPPLE: I’m here for the horses, of course! I love that I can squeeze in a morning ride before heading to the office. It’s incredible to have such a robust horse community and so many beautiful facilities and top-notch trainers all around, plus all the fun events like Upperville, Warrenton Hunt Night and Saturday night polo. I also think all the little equestrian touches throughout hunt country create an unconscious sense of cohesive community, which feels very important in our fractured world.

TSG: What is your favorite aspect of where you live and where you work?

DR. KEPPLE: I love my neighborhood, it’s an equestrian community with miles and miles of trails to explore, incredible views to take in, and the best kinds of neighbors. Everyone helps each other out and takes care of the land together.

Brick building with large windows, red door, and greenery, showcasing The Scout Guide.
The brand new space of Prosperity Family Medicine.

TSG: What are some of your favorite Hunt Country spots?

DR. KEPPLE: I love going to Girasole in The Plains – I love thoughtful and elegant food, and aspire to have a patio garden like Lydia’s one day. I also love Vintage in Marshall, I have a few of their pieces in my office and at home. The owners are longtime friends, and they were a source of inspiration for taking on small business ownership.

Equestrian eventing, rider and horse clear jump, showcasing The Scout Guide spirit.

TSG: What are some recent or new offerings and happenings at the practice?

DR. KEPPLE: I’m very excited about my new office space. It came out beautifully. Most visitors and patients have mentioned feeling relaxed and comfortable and commented on how it’s so different from a typical doctor’s office, which is exactly what I was going for.

I’m also excited to offer medical weight loss. We have new tools available thanks to decades of research that I have been really impressed with. I’m thrilled to be able to help my patients utilize them safely to improve their quality of life and reduce their risk for future health problems related to obesity.

I’m also now offering discounted membership rates for employer groups. For small business owners with employees, I think DPC is a great way to offer a meaningful healthcare benefit to employees without the exorbitant cost associated with health insurance. Employees can utilize more affordable high deductible plans or a health share and still have access to high quality personalized medical care.

Woman in a clinic smiling for The Scout Guide.

TSG: Is there any insider advice you would give your patients?

DR. KEPPLE: Find a DPC doctor. We are all a little different, but we are all on a mission to practice primary care as it was meant to be. We will listen, hear you, support you, and advocate for you. Having a physician who can take the time to help you understand your own health AND help you navigate our broken healthcare system is incredibly valuable to your short—and long-term health. You won’t find that in a traditional practice these days, not because the doctors don’t want to provide that kind of care, but because the insurance system gets in their way.

Cozy living room with The Scout Guide style and a cute dog.

DR. KEPPLE: Direct Primary Care refers to a model of healthcare where doctors charge a monthly membership fee for access to their professional services directly, in lieu of billing health insurance companies for individual visits/services. This removes insurance company influence from medical practice, and gives patients access to more personalized and consistent care. The direct primary care model gives me the time and accessibility required to provide thoughtful, comprehensive care to each individual. I care for a limited number of patients compared to an average insurance-based physician, who may be caring for upwards of 2500 individuals. I work to provide my patients access to low cost labs and medications as well as offering simple procedures at cost. My aim is to contribute to developing a simpler, more accessible, transparent and cost-effective health-care landscape in Hunt Country.

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20B John Marshall Street
Warrenton, VA