How You Local

For the past few months, you have treated us to an inside look at how you live, love, and support local through our #HowILocal Instagram contest, and we have enjoyed every image! From trips to the park to sharing a sweet treat with a loved one to basketfuls of farmers’ market finds and so much more, your photos have inspired (and amused!) us so much. Thank you for letting us see what you love about the communities in which you live.

Today we’re thrilled to announce our winner, Joe Jumper, pictured above. Joe owns a Chattanooga-based floral and event company, The Clay Pot, and in the photo, he’s standing next to a bunch of blooming white cherry branches he sourced locally for a wedding shower. (Coincidentally, the wedding will take place this weekend. Also worth noting: Joe is 6’6”, so he wasn’t kidding when he wrote the photo’s caption, “…now that’s tall!”) There’s a lot to love about this photo: Joe’s expression, the whimsical pose, the reminder that on a good day you can locally procure something magical like 7-foot-tall cherry branches, and that beauty can be found right around the corner. It feels full of happiness and possibility, which is how we feel when we live local. We hope you enjoy it, as well as this recap of how you local!:

You took us along for a ride, @bhipptaylor….

You shared your dogs with us! {clockwise from top left: @tsgalexandria; @cford222; @verryrobin; @stephanielschulte}

You shopped with us @gingeralbrecht….

And scouted the best new items for us! {clockwise from top left: @scoutcharleston; @tsgcville;@tsgchattanooga; @shannonleduke}

You painted for us, @kyderby.bourbonandbiscuits….

You fed us, @curlybirds….

Again…. {clockwise from top left:@cristinagiselle;@brashcoffee; @brashcoffee; @erickelley}

And again…. {clockwise from top left: @thisisjamesj; @foodienola; @gtownevents; @yi-ching lin; @fairgroundsdc; @sarahmervin}


And again! @jenphotosmith

You let us be a part of your morning, @universalarchitect….

You brought us inside with you, @tourterelle_floral….

You took us on adventures with you, @tsgchattanooga….

You stretched with us, @tsgchattanooga….

And biked with us, @tsgcville.

You smiled for us! {clockwise from top left: @thescoutguide; @tsgaustin; @verryrobin; @tsgwashingtondc; @tsgjacksonhole; @scoutguideminneapolis; @thescoutguideneworleans; @tsgnnaples; @tsgcville}

You started it all, @tsgcville! (Our co-founders really know how to local.)

Again, to all who participated, thank you. And while the contest is over, we hope the hashtag lives on. Keep showing us how you local, and we’ll do the same!