How We Local: 24 Hours with TSG Charlottesville's Heather Sieg

Since releasing our 100th volume of TSG and launching our “How I Local” photo contest in February, we have been treated to thousands of glimpses at how our readers live locally-minded lives and support independently owned businesses in their hometowns. With just one week left to enter to win a trip to TSG HQ’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, where The Scout Guide journey began five years ago, we thought we’d give you a peek inside how we local by following TSG Charlottesville editor Heather Sieg around for a day. (After all, we’re all about enlisting experts, and when it comes to living local, Heather is a pro.)

6:01 a.m.: RISE & SHINE
About an hour earlier than I would like, but it’s not up to me. Our 9.5-month-old, Shepherd, is up, so the whole house is too! I always spend the first half hour or so of the morning in bed, feeding my sweet boy. This is our special, quiet time before what is sure to be a whirlwind day. My Editor photo shoot is this afternoon, so I’m a bit anxious, to say the least. Thank goodness I have a hair/makeup appointment later. I can’t do this alone!

While I get dressed, my husband, Derek, takes Shepherd out to collect eggs from the coop. Every morning he makes us each a two-egg omelet from our fresh eggs, and Shepherd gets one scrambled.

The most important piece of equipment in our home is our Breville espresso machine (the best wedding present!) that is always chock-full of Mudhouse beans. I always run my double-shot through twice for my Americano with coconut milk. And I’m off!

9:00 a.m.: TSG HQ
I spend the first hour of the morning checking emails—phenomenal new sandals at Scarpa. Mental note: blog about these!—before heading to the Design department to review spreads-in-production with senior graphic designer Marigold, who is heading up TSG Charlottesville, Vol. 7. We are in the middle of production, so I’m spending more time in the office than usual. We review what is still outstanding, and excitedly move some spreads from the “Out for Approval” folder to “Approved.” We’re getting there..!

11:00 a.m. SCOUTING
It’s been a minute since I’ve checked out what’s new at my favorite downtown home boutique, Roxie Daisy. Karen, the owner, let me know they have some gorgeous new jewelry in, so I head downtown to capture images to show off on Instagram.

Father’s Day will be here before we know it, so after Roxie Daisy I go to my default paper source, Rock Paper Scissors. I’m in there about once a week; I strongly believe in the power of the handwritten note and am a sucker for their letter-pressed cards. Co-owner Heather sneaks me some Father’s Day options she hasn’t put out on display yet. One of the many perks of being TSG Editor, ha! 

12:00 p.m.: CLIENT SHOOT
Sweet Ella is ready for her close-up! For Petit Bebe, we (me, TSG Charlottesville, Vol. 7 photographer Eric Kelley, and owner Jill) decided to feature Jill’s precious daughter with a hand-made Jess Brown doll. Simple, classic, ethereal, sweet! Less is more, and I love that Jill gets it.

I cannot go to Petit Bebe without being beaconed next door to eg to say “hi” to my friend Anna, the owner, and to pick up a pair of sandals I saw on their Instagram. We all need rose gold flats, don’t we? 

1:00 p.m. EAT LOCAL 
Robin from TSG’s national editorial team is with me, so we walk up to Feast! in Main Street Market to treat ourselves to a kale salad (who says kale is on the outs!?). Derek and I are having friends for dinner on Friday, so I pop into The Organic Butcher next door to make sure Ricky has some good steaks for me.

1:30 p.m. WHAT TO WEAR?
Eloise, help! I need a sophisticated but hip look for my Editor photo. Fortunately, owner Audrey and manager Andrea know how to hook a girl up. I went in thinking I wanted to wear white (my favorite color), but the black ALC dress they suggested fit like a glove, so I had to say “yes!” (P.S. Pinch me; is this really work?)

2:15 p.m.: GLAM SQUAD
I arrive at Moxie, my happy place. I called so last minute (last night!) that my dearest Toby was booked, but Kasey was fabulous. Last year, my Editor photo was so boho—wavy hair, in my backyard with my pet chickens and sheep—so I want a little more modern edge this year (think super straight hair and a bit of a smokey eye). Kasey hits it out of the park. Fake eyelashes? Yes, please!

4:00 p.m.: CLICK CLICK
It’s time for my close-up—eek! We meet Eric on location as well as my mother and Shepherd, who came to watch and give me some moral support. I wholeheartedly sympathize with my clients; getting a photo taken that will be printed in tens of thousands of books and posted online for the world to see is nerve-wracking! Per usual, my sweet boy stole the show. He’s such a ham…wonder where he gets it?

5:30 p.m.: CHEERS
Today is the perfect day for fake eyelashes. For the past couple of months, I have been working on Karats & Cocktails, a fundraiser at the Keswick Hunt Club benefitting the UVA Children’s Hospital, a cause near and dear to my heart. Any excuse to hang out with Sally Carroll (founder of Tourterelle Floral Design and one of the kindest souls you will ever have the pleasure to meet), who spearheaded this event, and raise money for this cause is all right by me. The floral arrangements were of course outstanding – I want them for my book launch party! – and TSG co-founder Susie Matheson was there to join in the fun!

8:00 p.m.: THE BABY’S TIRED
That’s my excuse, but I’m the one who’s beat! Down the road home to Cismont we go. And tomorrow we’ll do it all over again! But I’ll have to do my own hair.