How To Plan A Memorable Event

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday bash, or an intimate celebration, it’s the details that make the occasion memorable…but with so much inspiration available and a seemingly endless list of decisions to make, zeroing in on what will make the event truly special can be difficult. Therefore, we asked Jennifer Kraft of Kraft Event Management for some advice on how to plan a party that will leave a lasting impression; here are her recommendations:

Stay true to yourself. Kraft starts every meeting by telling clients that their event should be a reflection of who they are as a person, couple, or business. This encourages them to have a clear vision of the overall look and feel of the event.

Try to tune out the extra input. “The explosion of inspiration can be overwhelming,” Kraft notes. With so many online sources of inspiration—and human sources of unsolicited ideas and advice—it’s important to focus on your personal aesthetic.

Think of one must-have. Sometimes, Kraft says, a client will be wedded to one specific item or idea that must be incorporated. When that’s the case, she likes to use it as a jumping off point, and build off of it to create an entire look.

Engage a professional to turn fantasy into reality. Once you’ve shared your ideas with an expert, it’s their job to channel them into an event that makes sense. They’ll take into account the environment, the venue, and the guest experience, and create a color palette, textures, and layers of details that feel cohesive.

Rely on an expert to edit. So many things can be edited out of an event to make it a more meaningful experience. Asking why something was suggested—for example, a take-home gift—can help you pick something thoughtful. If Kraft’s clients struggle to come up with something personal to give away, she encourages them to choose a charity to give to in their guests’ name.

Aim for high-impact. A good planner knows how to use money wisely, and regardless of budget can create a high-impact moment—either through visuals or through an experience—that will wow guests and make them remember the event.

Expert tip from Jennifer Kraft of Kraft Event Management in Northern New Jersey.