How to Pick a Wedding Planner

Statistics show that the majority of engagements happen during the holidays, and with the average engagement length clocking in at just under 15 months, spring is prime wedding planning time. If you are newly engaged and about to immerse yourself in all the details surrounding the big day, we recommend putting “Hire a planner” at the top of your to-do list (check out the Event Planning section of our directory for a list of TSG-approved pros).

A planner can eliminate a lot of stress from the planning process—after all, you don’t want to be fretting about rain plans or porta-potty trailers as you prepare to walk down the aisle!—so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the tastings. Here are some tips for selecting a wedding planner who will be right for you:

  • Look for someone who understands what style you want on your wedding day. It is important for you two to truly be on the same page in terms of your vision, so take a good look at photos from his or her past events and take the time to talk through your likes, dislikes, and inspirations.
  • Choose someone you are comfortable with, who will work closely with you and who is committed to bringing your dream wedding to life within your budget.
  • If hiring a full-service wedding planner is not within your budget, seek out a planner who offers partial services, or “day of” coordination. These services are designed to help couples find an appropriate venue and contract with the various vendors needed for the wedding. Note that partial services can save couples a little money, but by their nature still leave most of the heavy lifting to the bride and groom.

Expert tip from Kari Rider of Kari Rider Events. Photo by Eric Kelley courtesy Easton Events,