How to Have Party-Ready Hair in Minutes

Neo Mode Hair Tip

Despite our best intentions to have our outfits planned in advance and plenty of time for a pre-event trip to the blow-dry bar, we often find ourselves rushing to make ourselves party-ready at the last minute. Therefore, having a few easy, go-to hairstyling tricks up our sleeves is a must. To help us arrive at our next soirée looking effortlessly chic, we asked Lauren Knox, co-owner of Huntsville, Alabama-based Neo Mode Hair Salon, for three simple ways to achieve party-perfect hair in no time. Here are her recommendations.

Braid ribbon into a bun. A length of wide ribbon can quickly turn a standard ponytail into a sophisticated bun, according to Knox. To achieve this classic look, simply braid the ribbon loosely into a ponytail, swirl the braided hair into a bun, secure it, and then cut the tails of the ribbon.

Create a bubble ponytail. For a playful look that can be pulled off in minutes, gather hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Add additional elastic bands below the first, approximately three inches apart, pulling the strands into loose “bubbles” between each elastic. For a festive touch, add an embellishment—like a sprig of a seasonal green—above the bubbles.

Dress up a top knot. “Never underestimate a cool bow,” Knox says. Begin by pulling your hair into a casual top knot, then take it to the next level by adding a bow of tulle below the bun. The gauzy effect will instantly add a hint of glamour to your party look.

Photography by Olivia Gates. TSG Tip 290 from Lauren Knox, co-owner of Neo Mode Hair Salon in Huntsville, Alabama. Neo Mode Hair Salon is featured in The Scout Guide Huntsville.