How to Detoxify Your Home in 6 Simple Steps

6 Simple Ways To Detox Your Home

We pay close attention to what we put in and on our bodies, opting for natural, organic, and chemical-free products whenever possible. But what kinds of actions should we be taking to minimize the amount of toxins we’re exposed to in our homes? For advice on how to keep our houses green and clean, we turned to the experts behind the organic and chemical-free luxury linens company Boll & Branch. Here, they offer six simple steps for detoxifying your home:

Use natural products. Take a pure and chemical-free approach to as many items in your home as possible. This includes organic bedding, towels, rugs, curtains, and furniture, as well as cleaning products.

Remove your shoes upon entering. Taking your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door will cut down on the amount of unhealthy materials (such as bacteria, pesticides, and even lead dust) that can be easily tracked into your home.

Invest in a few houseplants. Plants naturally purify the air, absorbing toxins through their leaves and roots as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Especially effective varieties include Boston ferns, snake plants, and spider plants.

Have an open door—and window—policy. How many times have we been reminded that fresh air is good for us? Well, there’s science to back up that claim: research shows that the air outdoors may be cleaner than the air inside your house. So go ahead and crack open a window or two.

Maintain a cleaning routine. Dusting and vacuuming regularly will help rid your home of harmful particles that have made their way inside. Note that certain tools, like microfiber cloths, trap dust better than others, like the old-fashioned feather duster.

Ban BPAs. Replacing your plastic bottles and food storage containers with glass and stainless steel versions will help reduce your exposure to the chemical, which some research has shown can seep into food and beverages.

TSG Tip 231 from Boll & Branch in Northern New Jersey. Photograph courtesy of Boll & Branch. Featured in image: Modern banded duvet in navy, sateen striped sheetsorganic cotton cable knit throw in navy.