How to Create a Bridgerton-Inspired Bedroom

Elegant bedroom design with luxurious patterns by Jennifer Justice Interiors of The Scout Guide Knoxville.

We’re all aswoon over the latest season of Bridgerton, and that has us falling hard for everything from the London Regency era. If you’re on a quest to create your own Bridgerton-inspired bedroom, we tapped Jennifer Justice of Jennifer Justice Interiors in Knoxville, Tennessee, for her take on how to incorporate the extravagance, decadence, and regal charm that’s the hallmark of this trend into your boudoir. 


Maximize the use of textiles

The calling card of a Bridgerton-inspired bedroom is the use of sumptuous fabrics, from the cornice and headboard to bedding and curtains. Not only are you incorporating an interesting mix of patterns, Justice notes, but also being mindful of fabric textures. Think woven damask, crisp percale sheeting, and luxe velvet tape to define drapes and cornice boards. All of these elements create a cohesive look that embodies the grandeur and opulence of the Regencycore trend.


A canopy is a must

The pièce de résistance to this entire look is the use of a canopy bed. “The canopy itself is a frivolity, as it serves no real purpose which is the essence of its magic,” Justice says. “It evokes sleeping like royalty and being surrounded by the beauty of the textiles is a sensual experience.”


Mix up your patterns

The key to pulling off this trend is playing with the patterns to incorporate an interesting but cohesive variety.  “When you throw in a mix of textiles, adding a floral pattern as the main color scheme, a small print in a bolster and bench, and a stripe behind a headboard, you create calming drama,” Justice says. Her magic formula? “Floral + stripe + modern print. Works every time!”


Utilize the right hues

The Regency era went all in on deep, gem-toned hues that signaled an air of royalty. Today, designers gravitate toward more modern colors. Justice opts for a muted color palette that takes its cues from nature, contrasting various shades of blue with golden mustard.


Invest in bespoke bedding

Creating this aesthetic is a custom look and you’re not necessarily going to find all the elements you need to execute it on the shelves of stores, especially when it comes to specific prints. Justice notes that bespoke bedding is your move here, and enlisting an interior designer for the project can ease many headaches as they have access to patterns and artisans that the layman may not.


Modernize the look

You don’t want to stay too true to historical context here or your room could end up feeling stuffy, or worse, dated right out of the gate. Justice notes that the Bridgerton-inspired bedroom utilizes more updated floral patterns and block prints that aren’t as hyper-romantic and precious as the nosegay prints popular during Regency period. Today, you’ll find more large-scale patterns that incorporate more foliage into the floral print.

TSG Tip 476 from Jennifer Justice of Jennifer Justice Interiors in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jennifer Justice Interiors appears in The Scout Guide Knoxville

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Feature photo: Photography by Jeff Jones.