Meet the Member: Alison Donaldson of Alison Donaldson Art

We are so thrilled to launch Volume 6 of The Scout Guide Houston in December 2021. So thrilled, in fact, we can’t wait for the official launch to start introducing the local business owners who will grace this year’s guide!

Follow along as we share their stories, inspiration and motivation in our newest series, Meet the Members. Up next, Alison Donaldson owner and artist of Alison Donaldson Art, who is a mixed media and collage artist here in Houston, TX!

The Scout Guide Houston: Alison, we are so thrilled to welcome you to Volume 6 of The Scout Guide Houston! Let’s chat a bit about your creative process…
Alison Donaldson: I paint and collage intuitively – sometimes I have a vision, but mostly I just wait to see what happens in the process. My very favorite thing about almost all the mediums I work with is the unpredictability of how the paint will move, react, and flow. I have tried almost all paint mediums – except oil paint. I lack the patience it takes for oil paint to dry.

TSG Houston: Can you tell us about your style?
AD: As an artist, I don’t have a specific style or niche. I love trying new things, whether it’s the work I do with children’s art, the mini heart gifts, larger commissioned abstract works, and works on paper!

TSG Houston: Speaking of your work with children’s art, we love the concept. What was the inspiration behind that?
AD: It was a happy accident! I created a piece for our home using my children’s artwork, and people started to take notice and commission their own works. Over the past several years, I have taken on projects and non-profit opportunities, and each project has connected me to another client. Basically, I’ve grown through word of mouth.

TSG Houston: What’s next for Alison Donaldson Art?
AD: This year I’m taking a leap and moving into an art studio to immerse myself with other creatives in hopes of learning and growing even more.

TSG Houston: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work as an artist?
AD: My favorite thing about the art industry is how warm and supportive artists are of each other.

TSG Houston: What advice would you give to a fellow creative interested in transitioning into a professional artist?
AD: That’s a hard one! The best piece of advice I’ve received is to always have fun with it. To do this, I must balance life and work; which means I make a lot of lists and live by a paper – not digital! – calendar. The best piece of advice I could give would be to focus on what is essential for each day.

TSG Houston: How do you stay inspired?
AD: I like to take time off from creating when my brain is tired. For me, that looks like going to a museum or getting outside.

TSG Houston: Now for a few of our favorite questions… How long have you called Houston home?
AD: I have been in Houston for 31 years.

TSG Houston: Do you have a favorite part of town?
AD: That’s another hard question! There is so much to love about different parts for different reasons!! I don’t think I can pick!

TSG Houston: We’ll settle for a few of your favorite haunts…
AD: Currently, my favorite restaurant is Porta’Vino. For happy hour and coffee runs, my go-to spot is Slowpokes in Spring Branch.

We look forward to sharing more of Alison Donaldson Art’s story with you over the next year – in the meantime, make sure to follow along on Instagram. To learn more about Alison Donaldson and her collaborative commissions, reach out to her here – and don’t forget to tell her scout sent you!