Meet the Member: Premier Surgical Arts

Guided by the belief that small businesses are the cornerstones of our communities, The Scout Guide Houston connects readers with the entrepreneurs, makers, movers, and shakers that make Houston a vibrant place to live, work, and visit. Our most recent Guide, Volume 6, serves as an introduction to a handful of Houston’s many small business owners. This series, Meet the Members, is both a continuation of that introduction and an opportunity to deepen your connection with these entrepreneurs. Follow along as we chat with Volume 6 and share their stories, inspiration, and motivation. Up next? Calvin Jung of Premiere Surgical Arts.

The Scout Guide Houston: Dr. Jung, you trained as a surgeon. What inspired you to take the entrepreneurial leap?
Calvin Jung: I always knew I wanted to run my own enterprise, as well as perform surgical procedures. And I’ve looked up to and followed the careers of entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, who preaches the importance of following those dreams.

TSG Houston: Your business has grown tremendously. To what do you attribute that success?
CJ: The road to happiness – and success – involves helping others, and as the business grows I really experience that truth. We started as an office of 3 and now are up to 20. It’s truly humbling!

TSG Houston: What’s the best part about your work?
CJ: The best part is meeting patients and clients from all walks of life. It’s given me an opportunity to meet people that I may not have connected with in my personal life. Seeing the change in patients post surgery and getting heart filled messages, these are the things that we don’t always see but are the most meaningful to me.

TSG Houston: That’s inspiring. What else keeps you motivated through the grind of entrepreneurism?
CJ: It’s pretty easy to stay inspired. Given that our office is only 4.5 years old I feel like we still have so much to accomplish and prove to ourselves. As the leader, if I don’t stay motivated to be the best I can be, it would be hard for me to expect our team members to want to be the best version of themselves. I truly believe everything starts from the top down. I love leading by example and I see the trickle down effect daily.

TSG Houston: Do you have any advice for balancing work and life?
CJ: As a business owner I think it’s hard to separate “work” from “life.” I think any business owner will tell you that work is always on their mind. In the beginning it is a lot of work, but as things progress and the business starts to become more autonomous, that’s when the balance starts to come in. Personally, I love it, and would not change anything. As long as you’re having fun, that’s the most important component!

TSG Houston: Partnering with Sabrina Balloun offers clients a unique, highly specialized experience. Can you tell us more about this partnership?
CJ: We are a young and dynamic group who really love being together and enduring the daily grind. It is a special blend of team members that has a “team first” approach. When we lose, we lose together. When we win, win as a team!

TSG Houston: Switching gears a little bit… How long have you lived in Houston?
CJ: I moved from New York to Houston in 2016 with my wife.

TSG Houston: Best part of living in Houston?
CJ: The diversity and food scene. It reminds me a lot of New York in many ways. People are extremely friendly!

TSG Houston: What’s your favorite part of town?
CJ: The Heights, where our new office will be!

TSG Houston: Go-to restaurant?
CJ: Wow too many to list, but if I had to pick one.. Kata Robata, they are consistent!

TSG Houston: Finally, What’s the best advice you’ve received – business or otherwise?
CJ: Always trust your gut instinct. Many people will try to guide you and offer advice. In my experience trusting myself and what I felt was best has always worked well.

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