Katie Baird's Quick Coaching Moment: Beating Burnout

Welcome to our Quick Coaching Moment series with Scout Guide Houston Volume 6 member, Katie Baird of Baird Coaching. Once a quarter, our Scouted Expert will check in to share tools + insight she employs with her clients every day. Intended for readers at every stage of their life and career, Katie’s Quick Coaching Moments will cover everything from reflective journaling to beating burnout, offering deeply impactful, industry-leading insight with a healthy dose of good humor along the way. Learn more about Katie and the services she offers here and keep an eye on Instagram for the latest updates on Quick Coaching Moments.

With new demands on our time and many unavoidable external stressors, we’ve been moving at an unrelenting pace since the outset of the pandemic. So, it’s no surprise that “resilience” has become a buzzword over the last year. But, in my opinion, “resilience” is a nebulous concept, which often puts undue amounts of pressure on folks to achieve perfection at everything they endeavor at all times. The result? Burnout. 

In my experience, there is no silver bullet for burnout. But, as I tell my clients, there are many simple tools they can incorporate to help them navigate dynamic transitions such as the one in which we’re living. Keep reading for a few tips + tricks that I work with clients to implement that help them flourish personally and professionally, no matter the external circumstances. 

Daily Boost

Whether it’s 15 minutes or a couple hours, carve out time for the things you truly enjoy doing for a much-needed dose of self-care. This protected time will help you recharge, prioritize and compartmentalize. Ultimately, the act of self-empathy functions like a daily boost and is essential to surviving – let alone thriving within – the stresses of this pandemic. 

Recognize Routines

A routine promotes stability in your life, so cultivate a healthy routine and stick to it. Much like you would sleep train your infant, implementing boundaries and structure (with reasonable flexibility) is important to maintaining the new routine.

Safe Socialization

In the absence of socialization, we’ve realized the absolute importance and value of social networks and interactions. So, feed your need for socialization with safe, meaningful time spent with those who are genuinely invested in you. I often find social support helps clients from emotional, tactical or advisory perspectives. Of course, this also means taking care to interact with individuals who lift you up. It’s okay to remove toxic or energy-draining connections from your social routine. 

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