Homemade Halloween

Founder’s Note

We tend to take Halloween costumes seriously around here. Especially when they are of the homemade variety. It’s so much more fun to invent the costume yourself and tap into the whimsical imaginations that your children have. We say: Don’t go to the Big Box store and buy the Big Box costume!

A father’s leather jacket makes for the perfect Indiana Jones costume.

Skip the packaged costumes of skeletons and Disney princesses. Creating the homemade versions are easy and guaranteed to draw out your child’s creativity. Using either white tape or glow-in-the-dark paint to draw bones onto black long underwear creates a skeleton costume your child can be proud of; complete the look with face paint and glow-in-the-dark skeleton gloves.

For the perfect princess ensemble, pull out your costume jewelry, layer on pearl necklaces, and pull out the tiara, tulle, ribbons, and feathered wings you probably already have in your daughter’s costume bin. If you don’t have such things yet, consider investing in a pretty crown or tiara that will surely be re-used during dress-up playdates.

Avoid a store bought mask: taking a Sharpie to a plain bike helmet can transform your child into a battle ready Bumblebee.

Feathers! So versatile and guaranteed to add authenticity to any costume.

Go in on a group costume: Dressing up can be much more fun when done together. Doesn’t this mariachi band look like a scene from a Wes Anderson film? We especially like the substantial fake mustaches and real guitars.

We know you might not want to dress up (or maybe you do!), but your kids will appreciate any effort you put into your getup. In our opinion, nothing beats the mom as spider web with baby spider ensemble. Directions from Martha Stewart here.

Girls will be girls. Fresh floral bouquets make any bride costume all the more realistic and old fashioned.

A personal favorite: The Fancy Lady, picture perfect on the right.

Boys will be boys. A new take on an old classic is the laid-back mummy, casually wrapped in gauze.