SCOUTED SWEETS | Katie Sheasby of Sugar'd Hattiesburg

We are so fortunate to feature Katie Sheasby in The Scout Guide Hattiesburg. You may have seen her and her beautiful creations in Volume 1, and she is also going to be in Volume 2 coming out this fall! She makes the most gorgeous and delicious cookies that are truly works of art. I got hear more about Katie’s business Sugar’d Hattiesburg, and you will love learning more too. Read our conversation below!

A smiling person in a pastel blue dress sits at a table with a blue stand mixer, holding a wooden rolling pin. In front of them, a clear vase with tulips and a wooden tray with decorated cookies. The scene exudes a cheerful, domestic vibe typical of The Scout Guide's lifestyle features.

How did you decide to start Sugar’d Hattiesburg?

I started my love of cookie decorating in 2018. I just decided that Christmas after watching countless videos that I wanted to try my hand at it! I posted them to Facebook and slowly started making them for friends and family. In 2020, we welcomed our first child and I knew that I wanted to be able to stay home with her. So in early 2021, I made the decision to leave my job and do cookies full time. My daughter was the push I needed to take the leap and make this the real thing! 

Two young children in a kitchen setting with a homemade pie and decorative cookies on a wooden table, capturing a moment of joy and culinary delight aligned with The Scout Guide's celebration of local charm and community discoveries.

Have you always loved baking? 

I have. I grew up watching Food Network and always begged my mom to let me cook and bake. It didn’t surprise her at all when I told her I was going to step away from my job and persue this full time! 

What is your favorite part of the cookie making process? 

I love the actual decorating process! Watching the designs I created on paper come to life in color on the cookie is so fun. Especially when I have clients who have custom invitations for parties or events and I can put special details on their cookies to match!   

What are a couple of things people may not know about your business?

I draw and create each set by hand! The more details and information a client can give me the better – I like adding personal details and making them as custom to each event as I can. 

I also make and print my own cookie cutters. I was spending so much money on cookie cutters and couldn’t always find what I was looking for, so I bought a 3D printer and taught myself how to draw and print custom cutters! 

How can people order from you? 

I currently book month to month and I keep my order form linked on my Facebook & Instagram pages. I open for the next month on the 15th of every month. 

What are some of your Hattiesburg favorites?

With two small children, we currently live at the Hattiesburg Zoo! It’s our favorite spot, especially with all their activities around holidays. We are really excited for them to open their water park! 

Our favorite restaurant spots are Keg & Barrel and Sully’s! 

Visit Katie’s Instagram here to follow along and go to her latest order form here to order your custom cookies or cookie cake!

A wooden board displaying an assortment of elegantly piped cookies, with some shaped like flowers featuring a monogram in the center, and others spelling out ‘Sugar’ in cursive, alluding to The Scout Guide theme with their sophisticated design and pastel palette.