Choosing a plastic surgeon is a highly personal decision—and one that’s not to be taken lightly. Hattiesburg Clinic’s mission is to provide high quality, patient-centered health care in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Hattiesburg Clinic has over 450 physicians serving South Mississippi including a top Plastic Surgery department. 

To help those who are considering reconstructive or cosmetic services, we received great information from plastic surgeon Adam Franklin, MD.  Dr. Franklin practices with Richard A. Pecunia, MD, and Petra R. Schneider-Redden, MD, at Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery. I hope you’ll learn as much as I did from the interview below!

What is especially interesting about the plastic surgery specialty?

The ability to use your hands to improve someone’s health is simply fascinating. There is an intrinsic artistry of the surgeries combined with such an enormous variability of the anatomy. Plastic surgery can be thought of as, “surgery on the skin and its contents.” As you can imagine, that encompasses the entire body from head to toe. No other surgical specialty is like it. 

What are the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery, and how can we address them?
Most people only think of plastic surgery in terms of aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. The reality is that this is only a small portion of the realm of plastic surgery. The “reconstructive” part of the specialty is much larger. Many times, individuals with cancer have to undergo breast, skin or bone reconstruction. Young babies or children who have cleft lip/palate, ear deformities or skull deformities undergo reconstructive surgery.  We also perform reconstructive surgery on those who’ve had facial trauma, need abdominal wall/hernia repair – and we even perform hand/wrist surgeries, just to name a few. There is just a lot more to the world of plastic surgery than one can imagine. 

What does someone need to consider before going under the knife?
For someone considering surgery, the top priority would be to identify your goals. Achievable goals and realistic expectations are extremely important when it comes to having successful outcomes. Another consideration is for an individual to have control of your overall health. This includes exercising, eating right and if you are – stop smoking! 

Are there any non-surgical alternatives to traditional plastic surgery procedures that can still achieve noticeable results?
There are many non-surgical options available when it comes to facial aesthetics and rejuvenation. Depending on an individual’s goals, plastic surgeons can provide services including, but not limited to: certain injectables to help diminish wrinkles (i.e., Botox® and Dysport®); hyaluronic acid fillers, permanent injectable fillers, and collagen stimulating injectables. Also, there are many energy-based treatments for skin improvement and resurfacing such as lasers, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and even chemical peels.  Any or all of these can play a distinct role in helping individuals with their aesthetic goals.

Can you provide examples of how plastic surgery has helped patients overcome physical discomfort or improve their quality of life?
Really, everything in plastic surgery can improve a patient’s quality of life. Whether it means creating a positive self-image and confidence after a cosmetic surgery, improving chronic neck and shoulder pain after breast reduction surgery, or recreating someone’s ability to simply grasp an object after a toe-to-thumb transfer following amputation (yes, that’s a thing), every aspect of what we do can help overcome a physical discomfort or improve someone’s quality of life. 

Thank you, Dr. Franklin, for all of your insight and expertise! You can make an appointment with Hattiesburg Clinic Plastic Surgery by calling (601) 261-3690 or visiting HERE.