4 Things to Know About Verb Architecture

Verb Architecture is a full-service architecture firm here in Hattiesburg that offers a dynamic, collaborative suite of services including master planning, consulting, and 3D renderings. We are honored to have them in Volume 1 of The Scout Guide Hattiesburg and are excited to share more about them! Here are four things to know about VERB:

1. The Founders of Verb are from right here in South Mississippi.

Rion Snowden, originally from Meridian, has been a Hattiesburg resident for over 15 years now where he met his wife Joy, a Hattiesburg native. Their two boys, Ralph (8) and Davis (6), keep them busy and always laughing. Baby Stella will also be making her appearance in April 2024. Ethan Hartfield, a Hattiesburg native, met his wife, Ashley, at Oak Grove High School their freshman year. Their daughter, Thea (3 going on 10), is so excited for the arrival of her new baby brother arriving in June 2024; must be something in the water!

2. Listening is their biggest skill.

A lot of thought and many decisions have already been made before an architect is called. There may not be much on paper, but your project is already underway. When you meet with the Verb team they strive to understand where you are in the process. Rion and Ethan strongly value listening to their clients. Understanding your vision and needs are crucial to designing a building that fits your site, your brand, and is ultimately an extension of you. Designing is not knowing what a client needs but listening to their needs and responding.

3. Architects don’t always design buildings.

Architects are not limited to building design. Verb has been fortunate enough to be involved in campus master planning, highway beautification, public parks, and sculptural pieces all over Hattiesburg. The relationships they have built with their clients is evident in the trust they have placed in them to design outside of the traditional ‘box of architecture’.

4. They value personal connection.

Verb is not a large, corporate architectural firm, and that is not to their detriment. This allows them to build meaningful relationships with clients that develop into lasting friendships.

When you begin a project with the Verb team you will not only get to see the design process and how it works, but you will become a key part of it. A project designed for you that meets your needs must include a key element – YOU!

You can get in touch and visit Verb Architecture’s website here and follow them on social media here to stay up to date with their latest projects!

Photos by Lauren and Alexis Photo for Volume 1 of TSG Hattiesburg