Meet the Member: The Designer Organizer, ​​Lisa Eckerle

Feature photo by Whitney Moore Photography.

During Lisa Eckerle’s past career in advertising, human resources, and operations, people leaned on her to help solve problems. She went from helping coworkers thrive as a team to helping family members live together in peace with her business, The Designer Organizer.

She has a natural ability to understand space in a way that most people struggle with. Whether it’s a cluttered pantry, a cramped closet, or an unused corner, she possesses a unique perspective that combines design, functionality, and untapped potential. 

No matter your personal organizing needs, Lisa and her team will ensure that their approach and results will make your life calmer, your days smoother, and your home more elevated.

Get to know more about Lisa and her business in this “Meet the Member” Q&A below! 

Q. Tell us the story and inspiration behind your business. 

A. I started my career in advertising, which can be described in three words: fast-paced, dynamic, and creative. After decades in the industry, the stressful (and sometimes icky) nature of my work left me yearning for something more fulfilling and calmer. I wanted to make a tangible difference in people’s daily lives…instead of digitally following them through their daily lives. Through my position in account management, I recognized my ability to successfully manage multiple personalities; organize and communicate all the intricate details of a campaign, budget, and timeline; and when to shut my mouth and when to fight the good fight. In 2019, fueled by my desire to find a new way to share my strengths and annoyance with the glass ceiling, I founded Sort Support, TDO’s original company name. The focus of the company was to help others sort out their busy lives, one organized space at a time. After helping hundreds of families get organized throughout the Carmel area, I discovered that I ultimately enjoyed the design phase of organizing, and my clients reciprocated my joy with praise for my keen eye for design. My work even gained external recognition. National brands like Crate & Kids, Architectural Digest, West Elm, The Container Store, mDesign, and Redfin all took notice of my expertise and talent by featuring me in articles, on websites, and in social media. So, after years of sporting the Sort Support name, I decided to change my company name and add services that are more design-focused from an organizational perspective. Who better to determine your storage space needs than a professional organizer? We now introduce our new brand to you, along with a new team supporting me. It’s time to showcase our design strength not only in our work but also in our name. After all, clients who love their designer handbags, designer clothes, and designer jewelry, all deserve to have The Designer Organizer.

Q. How long have you been operating your business?

A. Since November 2019.

Q. What sets your business apart from others in the area?

A. Our approach is about more than just throwing items in bins and lining them up on a shelf. We have your home covered from planning to designing to sourcing to implementation. With our new offerings of Organizational Consulting & Organizational Design, we help you create organized spaces from the start versus trying to make use of a space that was never properly designed to work for you in the first place.

Q. What can customers expect when they visit your establishment or use your services?

A. When you invite us into your home, we don’t take the honor for granted. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that we are there to serve YOU by being attentive to your every need and to your project’s every detail. Our team takes a holistic, hands-on approach by emptying your space, categorizing items based on how/when you use them, helping you make the tough editing decisions, and determining optimized placement. Then, comes our specialty of product sourcing and system creation. With design at the forefront of our approach, we want you to celebrate the place you stay … and we’ll have a lot of fun together while doing it. Afterward, you’ll get to enjoy an organized home where everything has its place, finding what you need becomes effortless, and you get to actually relax during your valuable downtime.

Q. What has been the most rewarding experience since starting your business?

A. Hearing clients’ feedback about how I changed their lives for the positive, saved a marriage here and there, and helped moms get more time with their kids.

Q. How do you stay connected with your customers and incorporate their feedback into your business?

A. Since I get to know my clients on such a personal level during our sessions (after all, I’m going to see all of their skeletons in the closet – sometimes literally) I’m able to get client feedback and reactions in real-time. I adjust my process accordingly, customizing my approach to each individual client and his or her personality to ensure we reach their goals in a way that is comfortable and rewarding to them.

Q. What do you love most about being part of our local community?

A. Getting to meet and befriend so many other female entrepreneurs. There is nothing like getting to share stories and gain ideas from people who are living a similar lifestyle and experiencing similar situations as me.

Q. Can you share a memorable customer testimonial or success story?

A. “Lisa and her team absolutely crushed it. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to have had their help and expertise. You have a true gift of organization, an artist in my book. Thank you so much for getting me through the majority of the home so that I can begin to settle and make sweet memories with my kiddos.”

Q. Can you describe your business’s mission or vision in just a few words?

A. To create custom living spaces that make the best use of space while emulating a sense of purpose, pride, and beauty. We value confidentiality, professionalism, communication, and connection to help you reach your organized lifestyle goals. If you need fewer words, it’s simple: “to make your space make sense for you.”

Q. What motivates you to continue growing and evolving your business?

A. Besides being naturally competitive and wanting to always beat myself from yesterday, I want to grow/evolve in order to help more families avoid a complicated and stressful life. Everyone can use help in their home, so I’m happy to be that physical and emotional support buddy.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about your business?

A. New services! With the launch of our new brand, we have two new service offerings:: Organizational Consulting & Organizational Design. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, you need an organizational and space planning expert on your team to help determine the best layout, placement, and features for all storage spaces throughout your home. Eliminate the confusion, guesswork, and rash decisions during the planning phase by adding us to your design team.

Q. What is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat in Hamilton County and why?

A. The Italian House on Park since I’m a sucker for a great patio and great-tasting carbs.

Q. What is the best part about living/working in Hamilton County?

A. You have so many options of things to do or activities to introduce to your kids. What I really enjoy about the many options is that you can do more city-heavy stuff or decide to take a day in the country. Since I grew up in rural southern Indiana, I sometimes need a quiet day in nature, which I don’t have to go far to enjoy.

Q. What local events or festivals do you look forward to each year and why?

A. Art of Wine in Carmel. It’s like a [very sweet] version of Napa comes to us.

Q. What local, Hamilton County business do you frequent the most and why?

A. Joe’s Butcher Shop. We love grilling out and they have great meat options. It’s also my husband’s personal goal to be known by name one day the moment he walks in the door.

Q. When you’re not busy running your business, what are some of your favorite activities or hobbies?

A. You can find me reading an Elin Hildenbrand book on my patio with a fire and a glass of wine (that is if my kiddos are already in bed).

Q. Are there any hidden gems or local spots in Hamilton County you particularly enjoy and would recommend to others?

A. Go up to Wilson Farm Market and get their pretzel bread. Heat it up just slightly before indulging (if you can make it home without eating all of it in your car).

Q. Are there any local shops or boutiques in Hamilton County you enjoy exploring or recommend to visitors?

A. Maple Layne Market for size-inclusive clothing and gifts.

Q. How do you like to support other local businesses?

A. I share their content on my social feeds, tag them on others’ comments or requests for recommendations, and tell all of my clients about any positive experiences I’ve had.

Q. What is your favorite season in Hamilton County and what do you enjoy doing during that time?

A. Definitely the fall. We go out to pumpkin patches and try to enjoy the mild Indiana weather.

Q. Are there any charities/fundraisers you actively participate in? 

A. Every year around Christmas, I host a toy drive to collect gently-used toys for the Indiana Foster Care program. This is a great way to help a sometimes forgotten-about group of great kiddos/families, encourage my clients to declutter their playrooms and provide them a way to teach their kiddos how important it is to give to those less fortunate.