How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall with Stephanie Grabow Style

Feature photo by Whitney Moore Photography.

As the crisp autumn breeze begins to sweep away the last remnants of summertime, fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of fall. From luxurious knits and tailored coats to statement accessories and footwear, this season’s wardrobe is a sartorial playground waiting to be explored. That is why we recently caught up with Stephanie Grabow of The Style Collective to share her Indiana fall must-haves.

So, how should you handle Indiana in the fall? With layers and patience, of course!

Here are the 5 easy steps I teach my clients:

  1. Pick a great base
  2. Pop on a top with interest
  3. Add an outer layer to get you through the chill
  4. Update your mom bag
  5. Pair it all up with a modern shoe

Q. What are some key pieces to add to my wardrobe for fall?

A. Expand your denim wardrobe by adding wide-legged jeans. Dress it up with a wrap top for date night, or pair it with a sweater and clogs for daytime. Think about picking up a few tops in interesting colors, stripes, and knits. Resist the urge to reach for black every time. There are so many great colors to enjoy this fall!

Q. How can I style dresses for cooler weather?

A. Pair your dresses with knee-high boots to add warmth. And tights are coming back with fun patterns and colors. Top off a dress with a great coat to knock the chill away and add drama.

Q. What are some go-to colors for fall that I can incorporate into my outfits?

A. Red is here for fall and winter! And there isn’t just one shade of red. Find the red that’s best for your skin tone. Layer red into your accessories, or wear a fun red coat. 

Q. What type of shoes should I invest in for the fall season?

A. Loafers are showing up in all sorts of styles. The chunky 90s loafer is back with updated details, and western-influenced boots in both ankle and knee-high styles will be everywhere. Round toes on ballet flats are becoming more almond-shaped, or for the bold trend-seeking style-lover pointed-toe versions are fun. Also, your nurse is not the only person wearing clogs this season. Your friends will be too!

Q. Are there any specific patterns or prints we will see this fall?

A. Floral and botanical prints are becoming more artistic. We’re moving away from the Little House on the Prairie calico (thank goodness!) and prints are more sophisticated this season. You’ll also see more plaids and tartans available in outerwear and accessories. They’re always popular in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Q. What types of outerwear should I be looking for to keep warm in the fall?

A. Layering is the key to managing the fall days of Indiana. A great trench coat will carry you through the season in style. It’s such an adaptable coat, especially if you are looking for one with a removable warm liner. Pop it over your jeans and sneakers for a chic city look, or wear it with your dress to dinner for a polished finish. Blazers will be everywhere this season and are a great way to finish a look and add warmth and interest.

Q. Any other tips you’d like to share?

A. The 2 most important tips that I share with my style coaching clients are:

  1. Know your ideal clothing colors because when you are living in them EVERYTHING coordinates and looks better on you.
  2. Personal style is personal to you, and your goals for your life and career. Investing time to curate your wardrobe with intention will save you money, time, and disappointment and help you reach your goals sooner.