Celebrating Women's Small Business Month: Stephanie Grabow of SG Style Collective

Feature photo by Whitney Moore Photography.

Happy Women’s Small Business Month to all the incredible female-owned businesses in Hamilton County. While we believe in celebrating and supporting them all year long, let’s show them some extra love this month. Follow them, leave a rave review, buy their products—and remember to tell them The Scout Guide sent you!

This week, we’re celebrating Women’s Small Business Month with Stephanie Grabow of SG Style Collective.

After two decades as a leader in public service and charity organizations, Stephanie pivoted to follow her passion for teaching others how to grow their confidence and personal presence, and today she is a dynamic style coach and frequent public speaker. Throughout her career, she has championed women. Her wholehearted approach to helping them level up their impact and joy is at the core of SG Style Collective.

She works with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and top executives to college students and stay-at-home moms. 

Local Women-Owned Business Favorites: 

  • Favorite Boutique: 
    • 14 Districts have the most interesting pieces! Love their point of view! 
  • Favorite medical professional:
  • Favorite non-profit:
  • Favorite coffee shop:
  • Favorite home professional: 
  • Who is a woman business owner who inspires you and why?:
    • Too many to name!