10 Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season

Pack away the pumpkins and get those jingle bells ready! Believe it or not, we’re at the beginning of the magical, 2024 holiday season. At The Scout Guide Hamilton County, we believe in sharing the best ways to eat, stay, and shop like a local. While we love sharing our favorite businesses year-round, we want to especially encourage our readers to shop locally this holiday season. Here are ten reasons why:

1. Support the local economy

Shopping locally helps to support local businesses and entrepreneurs. It keeps money circulating within the community and contributes to its growth and development! 

2. Create and sustain jobs

Local businesses are the backbone of our community and create job opportunities for our friends, family, and neighbors. By shopping locally, you help to sustain these jobs and ensure people in your community have a steady income! 

3. Find unique, handmade products

Local businesses often offer products that are one-of-a-kind, and not easily found in big retail chains. These are often handmade, adding a personal touch and making them perfect for special gifts!

4. Receive personalized service

Shopping locally often means receiving personalized and attentive service from the store owners or staff. They can provide recommendations, answer questions, and offer a more personalized shopping experience than big retail stores.

5. Create a community connection

Local businesses contribute to the sense of community and create a sense of belonging. They often collaborate with local organizations, sponsor events, and actively participate in community activities. By supporting them, you are also promoting a stronger sense of community. 

6. Support the environment 

Shopping locally reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for long-distance transportation of goods. You can find locally sourced products, reducing the environmental impact of production and shipping. 

7. Create a cycle of growth

Local businesses tend to purchase goods and services from other local businesses, creating a cycle of economic growth within the community. By shopping locally, you are contributing to this multiplier effect and further benefiting other businesses. 

8. Avoid big crowds and long lines

Introverts rejoice! Shopping locally often means avoiding the chaotic crowds and long lines in big box stores, especially during the holiday season. This can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. 

9. Receive higher quality items & services

Local businesses take pride in their products and services. They are accountable to their community and strive to maintain a good reputation.

10. Give back

Supporting local businesses allows them to give back to the community in various ways, like sponsoring local charities, contributing to community events, or offering financial support to local causes. By shopping locally, you indirectly contribute to these acts of giving!