The Art of Self-Love: Slowing Down & Going Inward

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” — Paul Theroux

The cold, damp days of winter bring us nature’s natural rhythm to go inward, to reset, and to “hibernate” a bit. Embracing this instead of pushing through to the next thing can go a long way in helping us recharge to get ready for spring. Below are a few ways to help. I hope you enjoy!

One way to slow down is by embracing the hygge lifestyle. I grew up with a Danish father and it has always been my way of life. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a mindset of peace, comfort and wellbeing. Hygge is also a physical presence. In the winter, people slow down and cozy up in their homes. Candles lit all about the house, low lighting, soft pillows and blankets, comfort food, and hot drinks create the hygge experience. Enjoy this time, as it is meant to heal.

Visit Scout Guide to learn more about hygge from scouted interiors experts.

Real self-love begins in our thoughts. How are you talking to yourself? Would you talk to your best friend in the same way? Be kind to yourself in your mind, as it affects your body on a cellular level. That adage of “you are what you eat” is true. Take care of the body that is carrying you around all day. It is the vehicle that is going to help you make all your dreams come true.  

Take time for yourself (block it off on your calendar) to go inward, rest, and reset. At OASE Day Spa, we have created the ideal refuge—your personal oasis in the city. From the herbal teas and infused water, to cozy robes, to expert services, to silent rooms…our Scandinavian-inspired setting is the respite you never knew you needed. I look forward to hosting you!


Karen Weaver is the Founder of OASE Day Spa, a Scandinavian-inspired day spa in Greenville, South Carolina. She is the daughter of a Danish immigrant and chose the name “OASE” as a nod to her heritage. OASE (pronounced “oh-ay-suh”) is Danish for “oasis,” and Karen and her team aim to offer an “oasis in the city” for every client who walks through their doors.