September 27, 2022 by The TSG Contributors

The launch of the newest publication of The Scout Guide Triad is just days away! As we get ready to launch Volume 8, we wanted to take a moment to touch base with all those who contribute behind the scenes to Volume 7 and have helped curate the upcoming Volume 8. We have so much to be thankful for this past volume and so much to look forward to in the coming year! Here’s a quick look at how The Scout Guide Triad impacts our lives behind the scenes here at TSG Triad. On behalf of us all, we cannot wait to continue to support our community, the small businesses owners who make up our guide, and our readers and followers who are an integral part of this and every guide.

“It is my hope that this book will inspire discovery. Browse it, display it in your home, share it with family and friends, but most important – use it. Whether you’re a visitor, newcomer, or longtime local, I hope that this Guide helps you engage with the people in this community on a deeper level and enjoy our community to the fullest.” – Ashley Powell Nosek, Editor + Owner

“Scout is a wonderful community; I feel so honored to be a resource for local businesses – TSG truly has its finger on the pulse of all things local and I feel we are so fortunate to have such a great editorial that highlights the best of the Triad!” – Liz Grogan, TSG Triad Photographer

“The Scout Guide Triad to me means a community. One that works alongside each other to grow and support local businesses while building relationships. Through The Scout Guide Triad, I have been able to discover countless local businesses and relationships which make me proud to call Triad my home.” – Anna-Grace Starley, Social Media Coordinator

“As someone who recently moved to the Triad, I use TSG as a directory to find the best services and events in the area, not to mention the best places to eat and shop. It truly is a fantastic way to stay connected to our community and support small business owners. – Ellen Devine, Director of Business Development

“For me, TSG Triad is like no other publication because it invites you to get to know the owners behind the small businesses that make up our community. As readers, we get the honoring of knowing that we are truly supporting the families, friends, and neighbors that make our Triad thrive. I love knowing that I get to be a part of someone going home to tell their loved ones what a successful day they had living their dream.”  – Cassie Dean, Social Media Coordinator & Editor’s Assistant

“High class showcase of superior businesses in the Triad.” – Carla G. Harper, Writer

“To me, Scout is a beautiful photographic expression of our community. We have such smart, innovative small business owners and I think Scout celebrates them! The Triad is a wonderful place to live and work and Scout helps illustrate that.” -Nancy Tuohy, Writer