Voices of the Triad: Theodore B Interiors

By: Nancy Tuohy

There’s excitement on Burke Street in Winston Salem, and the team at Theodore B Interiors is leading the charge.

Tyson Howlett and Isabella Migliarese launched their design firm in April 2021 and have given the Triad a fresh and forward choice for interior design.

Tyson and Isabella met at UNC-Greensboro when they were students in the interior architecture program. Even as students, the two creatives started talking about their ideas for a business collaboration. Isabella always knew she wanted to work for herself, and together she and Tyson took the leap. Their partnership, Theodore B Interiors, offers the Triad a design team willing to take risks and infuse a home with a transitional modern vibe.

As the City of Arts and Innovation, Winston Salem is a natural fit for Theodore B. It is a full-service design firm for residential and commercial renovations and new builds. Isabella and Tyson both wear every “hat” — from business and marketing to design and drawings. Both are natives of North Carolina and have rich experiences in the design world. Both Tyson and Isabella took advantage of college internships with major design firms and jobs related to the High Point Furniture Market.

Theodore B is named for Isabella’s late father who was a contractor and developer. In a way, she was groomed for this career and knows she would make him proud. As owner and design principal, she has built her own business and incorporated modern flair and style.

Isabella says, “A favorite look for many clients is a neutral palette plus a WOW factor. Our ideal client wants to be bright, fresh, and different.”

The location on Burke Street is ideal. Tyson says, “We feel very connected to the business owners around us. We found this spot and it felt right. We keep a small inventory of gifts and accessories but love to invite our clients here for consultations. Plus we have great parking behind our shop!” The two enjoy the proximity to downtown, restaurants, and bars. Burke Street is also centrally located for traveling to project sites around the Triad.

Indeed it is a gorgeous space to visit and you’ll feel their fabulous design style immediately. Their combinations of color, textures, and finishes are edgy and innovative. They change the front shop windows regularly for a sense of whimsy and fun. (For the holiday season, the shop was a light-filled, sparkle and twinkle winter wonderland!)

This year, give yourself a gorgeous update from this talented team! While COVID has impacted shipping and manufacturing in the interiors business, both Tyson and Isabella remind us that high quality can’t be rushed. They encourage anyone looking into a design project to start early with an experienced and detail-oriented team.

And not everyone needs to rework their entire house. Isabella says, “There are so many ways to take on a project. Start with a one-room refresh or a new installation for the holiday season. Pull furniture from other rooms–a simple rearrangement can feel like a new room.”

Recently the team did an Instagram live over at Hive where they did a “bookshelf in a day” challenge. It was a fun way to support other local businesses and offer easy ideas. For such a project, Theodore B offers a daily rate to its clients.

Tyson and Isabella offer these tips for interior design:

●       Start with a clean slate–take it all down!

●       Classic antique furniture can be incorporated into modern patterns and colors.

●       Invest in lighting–overhead, accent, and lamps.

●       Layers! Layers! Layers! Texture and detail can set a room apart.

●       Wallpaper can pack a punch, even in a small powder room or on the back of a bookshelf.

Welcome to the City of Arts and Innovation Theodore B! You represent us well.

Nancy is a native of Durham, North Carolina and has lived in Winston Salem (off and on) for 20 years. The city has transformed itself since her days as a student at Wake Forest University. She attended The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia prior to college. In between stints living in Winston Salem, she has also lived in Nashville, Tennessee and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Dubbed by her friends as “the spa fairy,” Nancy loves to travel and be pampered. Her favorite vacation includes lots of hiking and outdoor activities followed by a massage and then a delicious dinner. She feels lucky that North Carolina is a state with never ending options for her favorite ventures!  

She is an avid reader but loves people too much to not have conversation so she also is a needlepointer–because you can still chat with someone while you stitch! She loves to garden and cook and hopes she is teaching her two sons to do the same.