The Fashion Lesson I Learned from Sarah Jessica Parker

By: Suzanne Smith, Crazy Blonde Life

Photography: Taylor Moser, TMC Design Co.


With the announcement of the “Sex and the City” 10-episode revival on HBO Max, women everywhere are buzzing with excitement. It’s like catching up with an old friend. A big part of this excitement is due to the amazing, cutting edge fashion that we know these ladies will be showcasing for our viewing pleasure.

Several years ago, I learned an important fashion lesson from Sarah Jessica Parker -and who better to learn a fashion lesson from! It is easy to be enticed by the latest denim trends because every season there is something new. However, SJP clued me into a very neat trick one day. I was scrolling through an article with her pictures and noticed that she had a formula for what she was wearing – all of her pants were cropped! Although I am a whole inch taller than she is,5 ’4”, I figured the same formula could apply to me. I decided to perform a little experiment and now I only purchase cropped jeans. Itt has made my life so much easier. No taking my jeans to be hemmed or wondering what to do with the several inches that crumple at the bottom. The length hits just above my ankle and elongates my legs so that I appear (or at least feel) taller…plus, it’s a look I love. Always stick with what you love, especially when it comes to fashion.

Whether I’m wearing a baggier fit or going with sleek and slim, completing my outfit with heels or choosing sneakers, my best jeans outfits always include cropped jeans. Take a look at why it works below…and remember, this look works for everyone…not just short girls!


These jeans are cropped and I still rolled them up once because my boots come up higher on my ankle.


Remember, if your skinny jeans are too long, it’s really easy to simply cut them off!

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (1).jpg

This heel height plus the cropped jeans balances out a longer blazer.

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (2).jpg

I should probably cut these off slightly, but I didn’t mind the slouchier look because of the distressed sweater!

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (3).jpg

Works really well with sneakers.

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (4).jpg

Again, showing off fabulous shoes. Unfortunately, these are from last season and no longer available!

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (5).jpg

Great shoes from Zara paired with dark wash cropped jeans and my favorite faux leather blouse from Target Who What Wear.

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (6).jpg

I love a distressed hem and white boots elevate this fun look!


These pants from Rag and Bone aren’t jeans, but still fit the formula…and again, the shoes steal the show!

Cropped+Jeans+-+Crazy+Blonde+Life (7).jpg


Suzanne Smith is a lifestyle blogger with an emphasis on fashion, beauty, and healthy cooking. Her passion is helping women in midlife who are going through life changes and trying to reinvent themselves. Follow her blog at Crazy Blonde Life and stay abreast of the latest trends, fitness, tips for a healthy life, and discover amazing new recipes.