Graduation Day Gifts

In the weeks ahead, droves of newly minted graduates will be entering the world of adulthood, hard-earned diplomas in hand. As their friends and loved ones, it’s our duty to celebrate them and send them off with a thoughtful gift that commemorates this momentous occasion. Here are our picks for gifts that graduates will appreciate long after the last strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” have faded.

1. If your graduate is jetting off, post-commencement, for the now-requisite European Tour, consider this classic Continental Duffle from Salt Pines. It will last for the upcoming summer (or at least it should) and many years beyond.
2. For the aspiring young businessman headed out into the workplace, a Baume & Mercier – Capeland Series watch from SCHIFFMAN’S JEWELERS is the must-have accessory.
3. A delicate, gilt ram from PEACOCK ALLEY is the perfect keepsake. Tell your grad that carefully curated decor is a product of time and thought: start now!
4. These “Candy”-colored Pestamel pieces work as towels, table cloths, wraps, scarves, sarongs, throws–perfect for the new home-renter who needs her housewares to do a little multitasking. Find them from Loomed NOLA.
5. Let your grad know: in the grown-up world, a Scarface poster is utterly dégueulasse. Inspire interests in history, geography, and antiques with this 1855 Pacific Northwest map from The Old Map Gallery.
6. The Glasgow Passport Case from Barrington Gifts comes in a variety of textures and offers a monogramming option. 
7. Belle Meade Bourbon from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is the essential adult treat. Enjoy on graduation day or at some later date.
8. Nurturing Life by Ysabel Lemay is a lovely gift for the budding art collector you know. Find Ysabel Lemay, and other sophisticated works, from our friends at THOMAS RILEY STUDIO.
9. Get your grad interview-ready with stunning pearl studs like the Mikimotos shown above. Kimball’s Jewelers carries the line; call for ordering options.
10. We love this “Texting on Crane” stationery for the Millenial grad. Hopefully these text-inspired cards will help ease your grad’s transition to adult correspondence. Find them at Shadowbox Paperie.