Call of the Wild: Animal-Themed Gifts

It’s undeniable that this year has been all about animals. They’re everywhere, on everything (jewels, pillows, china, clothes)…and we love it. Stumped about what to give your loved ones? The answer is always animals. They’ll love the gift, and you’ll love giving it. It’s a win win.

1. Fox charm necklace from the new Osita Majak Mi Ossa // 2. Cicada ring; Alkemie jewelry from A Line Boutique // 3. Tiger box from Sterling and Burke // 4.  Animal coasters from Bungalow Furniture // 5. John Robshaw stocking from Bungalow Furniture  // 6. Loggerhead turtle herend from Quintessentials // 7. Rhino dish from Bungalow Furniture // 8. Zebra pillows from Bungalow Furniture // 9. Octopus Cuff from A Line Boutique // 10. Alligator painting from Source // 11. Leopard mug from Sterling and Burke // 12. Frog bottle opener from Source // 13. Fox and Owl dresses from Luxababy // 14. Zebra dish from Hattie Sparks // 15. Giraffe bangle from Maze Home // 16. Lion head knocker from Anderson’s Hardware // 17. Deer plate from Hutch and Fig // 18. Elephant box from Sterling and Burke // 19. Butterfly pendant from Elizabeth Locke 540-837-2215 // 20. Goldfish carafe from Maze Home // 21. Golden Retriever spreader from Maze Home // 22. Roadrunner cards from Bell’Invito

For more ideas, view The Scout Guide’s 2013 Gift Guide here.