Get Outfitted for Spring

The snow might still be melting outside our windows, but our spring wardrobe plans are already well under way, and we’ve started investigating must-have pieces for him. To help us identify key items and achieve a well-balanced palette, we asked the experts at Greenville, South Carolina-based men’s store Rush Wilson Limited for some sartorial advice; here are their recommendations:

The basics: According to our experts, three must-have items for a man’s spring wardrobe include: 1) A lightweight sport coat in a neutral, medium color like blue, grey, sage green or tan that will work great with grey or tan trousers, or your favorite denim. 2) A blue and white gingham shirt. 3) A beautiful pocket square to compliment your outfit. Remember that the outfit is not complete without a pocket square!

How to keep it current: Though trimmed or tailored-fitting clothing continue to dominate fashion, the fit doesn’t have to be aggressive, our experts advise, adding that you shouldn’t confuse “trim” with “tight fitting,” which is never in style. Also, don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Just remember to use different scales for each clothing item, i.e. use a large-scale windowpane plaid for your sport coat, and pair it with a small-scale pattern like a check, gingham, or striped shirt, which will look solid under the coat. Finish that outfit with a large-scale stripe or paisley tie and complimentary pocket square.

Putting it all together (without looking like an Easter egg): Start with a neutral sport coat, paired with grey or tan trousers. Then add spring colors (accent colors include tan, blue, pink, lavender, or green) in your accessories—i.e., tie and pocket square. Coordinate your socks to match the color of your shoes or pants, or for a more creative look, coordinate your socks with your tie and pocket square. And always match your belt and shoes. Always.

Expert tip from Rush Wilson Limited and image by Angela Cox in Greenville, SC.