Friday Favorites: Worthy of Reflection

In addition to performing a variety of functions, a beautiful mirror hung with care can take a room to an entirely new level of chic. Capable of adding light and depth, as the above example by Dallas’s Laura Lee Clark shows, mirrors themselves can be utterly mesmerizing, adding sophistication while reflecting a room’s beauty to create a double dose of thoughtful design.

A master of the well-placed mirror, Laura Lee Clark again creates a gorgeous space by balancing soft, feminine colors and reflective surfaces with a detailed black-and-gold piece. Here, she demonstrates how a mirror positioned in an entryway can make a major impact by magnifying not only the light, but also the magnificent moldings.

Above, Greenwich-based Orrick and Company’s decorative mirror grouping adds depth to the space. We love how the gold frames tie the varying styles together while also giving warmth to the neutral palette.

Clockwise from top left, San Francisco-based Kendall Wilkinson’s Pacific Hillside powder room, Napa-based Martha Angus’s well-appointed corner, Kendall Wilkinson’s Sea Cliff Edwardian powder room, and a seating area by Napa’s Robinson Finishes all show how one gorgeous and well-placed mirror can be totally transformative.

For a stunningly dramatic effect, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is just the thing (the more ornate the frame, the better). Situated next to a towering window, the piece in the room above by Durham-based Heather Garrett Interior Design gives the space additional light while accentuating the room’s height.

Fabulously French

These mirrors, available from Nashville’s Digs Interiors, are sure to spur serious moments of reflection. The Parisian Louis XVI mirror (left) measures 50″ h x 30″ w, while the Wood and brass mirror (right) measures 49″ h x 33″ w.

We could go on for days about this French Provincial mirror with detailed floral and garden themed carving, available from Bremermann Designs, which measures 68″ h x 37″ w. Call and claim it before we do.

Architectural accents

(Top) the overlapping gold circles  of the “Avery” gold mirror, from Atlanta’s Bungalow Classic, are perfectly placed adding just the right amount of interest. BONUS: The mirror is purchased per panel, which measure 18″ w x 45″ h, so it quite literally fits almost anywhere!; (Bottom, left) rounded in all the right places, the “Maggie” antique mirror with silver lining finish is available from Dwelling & Design and measures 35″ w x 35″ h; (Bottom, right) a forever classic, this white painted arched mirror with original wood-carved frame measures 31.5″ w  x 70.5″ h and is available from Atlanta’s South of Market.


(Top) funky yet oh-so chic, the “fly” mirror with gilt panels and inset convex mirrors from San Francisco-based Coup D’Etat measures 41.25” w x 41.25” h and is sure to catch your eye buzzing about; (bottom, left) silver tree branch inspired mirror from Jackson Hole’s Dwelling is rustic in all the right ways; (bottom, right) this gilt-iron sunflower mirror with antique looking-glass from Coup D’Etat measures 51” in diameter and has just the right amount combination of masculine heft and feminine delicacy.