A Fresh Approach to a Festive Doorstep

TSG Tip 240: Christy Ford's 2017 Holiday Decorating Tips

It’s important to have an inviting front doorstep any time of year, but during the holidays we pay extra attention to creating a festive atmosphere to greet people as they approach our homes. Here, we outline three ways to make your outdoor décor feel fresh and holiday-ready.

Bring the inside out. Incorporating elements commonly used indoors—like lengths of luxe ribbon and shiny ornaments—throughout your outdoor décor (such as on wreaths, planters, etc.) will make guests feel welcome before they even reach your door. While special heirloom pieces should remain safely indoors, a few colored balls securely fastened to an outdoor plant is a low-risk, high-style way to add a little sparkle.

Keep it loose. As we mentioned in our discussion about decking the entryway, having a sense of movement and playing up the layers found in nature will make a holiday display feel organic and fluid. We like to let greens fall loosely, and skip tight bows in favor of flowing ribbon. Keep the look intentional, but not overly constructed.

Embrace a non-traditional color scheme. Thinking beyond the typical red-and-green color combination will keep your outdoor holiday décor from feeling outdated as of December 26th. Instead, opt for cool tones like turquoise and silver or pair chartreuse with orange for a look that will last through New Year’s Day.

TSG Tip 239 features an image of Christy Ford’s front door. Ford is the co-founder of The Scout Guide and co-owner of Charlottesville, Virginia-based antiques and home furnishings store And George.