TSG Tip: 4 Reasons to Hire MoversWhen moving to a new home, we don’t hesitate to call in the pros, as clearly the days of able-bodied friends willing to pack a U-Haul with the payment of pizza and a six-pack of beer are way behind us. But there are many other occasions when a moving company can solve your domestic woes. We asked Parke Atkinson, Co-Owner and Vice President of Virginia Beach, VA College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving for the top occasions when hiring movers should be a no-brainer.

You’re refinishing your floors. One main reason people put off having their floors redone is because the task of relocating all of the furniture is so daunting. Moving items like a piano, china hutch and sofa is no easy task, and often requires the pros if you don’t want to do permanent damage to your home—or yourself.  “Professional movers can move your furniture into an adjacent room, garage or a temporary storage unit in your driveway,” Atkinson says. “And return a week later when the new floors have been installed.

Refreshing furniture arrangements. One great way to give your space new life, without undertaking a design overhaul, is to simply change the arrangement of your furniture. “People don’t realize you can hire movers on an hourly basis for small jobs,” Atkinson notes. And since they’re being paid by the hour, they won’t be annoyed like a spouse might be when you change your mind a few times. Afterall, you don’t know if you’ve nailed it until you see your furniture in that “just right” spot.

It’s time to finally clean out the garage and / or attic. Our garages and attics tend to be clutter-filled zones, the repository for items that we no longer have use for but can’t seem to part with. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and finally kick the items that no longer give you joy to the curb…or to a moving truck. “Movers will come for an hourly rate and bring things down from the attic or haul items out of the garage,” Atkinson explains. “You then decide what you want to discard or give direction on how to rearrange. We’ll put all the junk in our trunk and help put everything back in a more organized place.”

Making room for new furniture. When rearranging won’t cut it and you’ve decided to revamp your living room furniture, whether by purchasing new pieces, refinishing or reupholstering, a moving company can facilitate in the process. “On a daily basis we provide free estimates for removing furniture and donating to thrift stores and charitable organizations,” Atkinson says. “We always pass the tax deductible receipt back to the customer.” He also advises that moving companies often partner with interior designers to offer white glove service by taking furniture to refurbishers, storing until desired and returning to its rightful place in the home.   

TSG Tip 262 from College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving in Virginia Beach, VA. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving is featured in The Scout Guide Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Volume 5.