Up Close and Personal with the Brilliant and Lovely Ladies of You Are Here

Fort Worth Trendsetters

When we think of Fort Worth Style, Joanna Bennett and Anne Walker Miller come to mind immediately. The creative duo behind one of our favorite local boutiques, You Are Here, are a constant source of inspiration – but not just in the sartorial sense! Business partnerships are tricky, but these two make it look seamless.

To get the secret sauce (and a few style tips) we chatted virtually with Joanna and Anne Walker about how their partnership (and friendship!) started, work-life balance and the mission behind the boutique. Keep reading, then get ready to shop!


TSG: First thing’s first, You Are Here wouldn’t exist were it not for your friendship! How did you two meet?

JB: Well, we had several mutual friends that introduced us!

AWM: We also connected at a Zumba Class!

TSG: Tell us a little about how You Are Here got started…

JB: Before You Are Here, I was selling Boy’s clothing and Anne Walker was selling Girl’s clothing with a few Women’s options. We had this one friend who kept telling both of us separately that we needed to team up.

AWM: Kori Green had invited me to pop-up at her house, and Joanna came to see what I had.

JB: Then, at a happy hour we were catching up, I just blurted out, “would you ever consider doing a pop-up together?”

TSG: What’s the story behind the name?

JB: You Are Here is…You Are Here! There’s no other way to explain it.

TSG: From that scribbled napkin to opening a brick and mortar, what is your vision for You Are Here?

JB: At first, it was a creative outlet, as well as a way to fill the gaps in Fort Worth retail we craved. Over time, it has become so much more than that. Our vision is to be a place where ladies can come to find their voice through how they dress, a place where they feel comfortable, confident and well taken care of. Of course, we also always aim to be a go-to for quality clothes + accessories that are current, but timeless.

AWM: We know there is more ahead for You Are Here – we have lots of ideas. Not sure which one will be the one that takes hold but growth is definitely in the plans for us! But for these crazy times, the focus is virtual growth via our new website!

“You Are Here has been about appreciating something that spoke to me and wanting to share what I love with other people.”

TSG: Do you have any entrepreneurial and fashion inspirations that influence You Are Here and your journey to becoming leaders in Fort Worth fashion?

AWM: Gosh that sounds so funny as I don’t consider myself a “fashion” person, which must sound strange coming from a co-owner of a boutique. But, I don’t love fashion… I love pretty clothes and jewelry. For me, it’s never been about fashion or trends or even trendsetters. Rather, it’s been about appreciating something pretty that spoke to me and wanting to share what I love with other people.

TSG: The past few months have been a wild ride… During the stay-at-home order, how did you pivot as a business and partnership – aside from your gorgeous new online shop, of course?

AWM: Thank you….beyond the online shop, it was all about social media. While we’d rather be face-to-face with our customers, we’ve tried to pivot to be as face-to-face as the current environment allowed and Instagram Stories were a great way to do that!

“Above all else, honesty and respect are essential to a partnership.”

TSG: What’s the secret to a strong, successful business partnership?

JB: We communicate really well and have the same goals for the store. But, over the years, we’ve honed in on our respective strengths and weaknesses, letting those guide us. Ann Walker is absolutely a calming presence for me and has taught me to slow down and focus, as I tend to run around like a wild person! Above all else, honesty and respect are essential to a partnership. We’ve always been able to speak freely to one another and talk through everything.

AWM: Laughter…..for sure! Every day we laugh. Laughter and respect for each other.

TSG: We know you both are mothers to some adorable kiddos. How do you balance family and work?

JB: It’s never easy – especially when retail is known for having long hours. When our little ones were younger and we were just starting the store, we had “part-time” hours that allowed us to have the best of both worlds. Ann Walker says it best, “we don’t want other people running our store or raising our kids!” We’ve had to find what works for us, and we put our feet down with the mindset, “if this doesn’t work, at least we tried.” Thankfully, our customers have embraced that mindset!

Now that our children are older and more self-sufficient (they’re driving – yikes!), scheduling is easier. But, as my kids get closer to graduating, I feel those same tugs on my heartstrings to spend more time with them. At the end of the day, we do the best we can and hope that we’ve set a good example for them about balancing work without compromising family.

AWM: I’m also thankful for a strong partner…..I have a lot of help from my husband, Chris, and that is huge. He is a great cook and my biggest cheerleader!

TSG: Thank you so much for chatting with us – getting to know the heart and soul behind a business is the best part of our work at The Scout Guide Fort Worth. As always, our last question is a fun one… What’s your go-to local libation?

JB: I love a good French 75. Doc B’s makes a good one!

AWM: Pre-COVID, my go-to was a French Diplomat at B&B in Clearfork. But, fair warning: they’re strong!


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