The Organized Nest's Tackles The Scout Guide Fort Worth's Home Office

Like many small businesses, the headquarters for Scout Guide offices across the country may be found in the back of an antique shop, a “she-shed” or back house or in TSG Fort Worth’s case – a spare bedroom. Working from home has become especially common in the last few years and there’s no reason these spaces should be any less professional or organized as an office in a high rise building.

Before the arrival of The Organized Nest’s owners, Whitney Tevis and Debbie Horton, I wouldn’t have considered the space – which pulls double duty as a home office and guest room – as disorganized. But, now reveling in my new beautiful, tidy space, I can only describe my former office “survival mode.” 

In truth, I had no idea how disorganized my home office had become or the degree to which the space impeded my everyday operations. The task of organizing seemed daunting and therefore unnecessary. But, with Whitney and Debbie’s three-day organizing service – which I used for my pantry and laundry room, too – realizing a functional, beautiful home office was easy, stress-free, and fun! Here’s how we did it… . 


This was the cringe-worthy part! It involved going through everything I had accumulated in my office to find the essentials and discard the rest. As Whitney and Debbie reminded me, most paper copies are unnecessary today. Whether it’s a bill or a record, most things can be stored and accessed online! Embracing this allowed me to clear up an incredible amount of space. After old, unnecessary documents were properly discarded (i.e. shredded), Whitney and Debbie helped me further pare down the essentials. For example, I knew I wanted to reference Scout Guides from other Scouted Cities. Whitney and Debbie helped me pare down my number of copies and alphabetize the rest! 


While paring down to the essentials, Whitney and Debbie encouraged me to separate personal and professional items to allow quick, easy access to either in the future. With excess documents out of the way, we were able to more easily sort through the essentials, separating personal and professional items. This sorting has allowed me to find what I’m looking for quickly and conveniently! As all have labels!


Once we’d purged, sorted, and pared-down, we were able to consider putting the room back together. But first, Whitney and Debbie suggested we lift the spare desk outside my office to accommodate Tank’s crate underneath. This small adjustment – executed by The Organized Nest’s trusted professionals – makes a huge impact on navigating the space!


Accessing important, frequently used items was a top priority for this process. And while purging, sorting, and paring down was helpful, Whitney and Debbie showed me that the way items are stored is equally important. From the right containers to thoughtful placement, Whitney and Debbie helped me create a storage system that allows for easy access! Pro Tip: put things you access frequently within easy-reach and store lesser-used items higher up! 


The Organized Nest is full service! Not only did they guide me through the process, but they also sourced all of the storage products I would need to create a functional, beautiful office. From an industrial shelving unit to a handful of beautiful baskets, Whitney and Debbie selected their favorite, tried + true products. And then helped me implement them! Viola! 

I could not be more grateful for Whitney and Debbie. Not only did they make the entire experience fun, but they also created a beautiful, functional space I love using! Our house guests are pleased, too! If you are considering an organizing project – or putting on off because of how daunting it may seem – I cannot recommend The Organized Nest more! Reach out to them here and tell them Scout sent you!